An extra special birthday present for my nephew!

**Prayers for my nephew J. who is severely autistic. He will be turning 7 in a month. Happy Birthday J.! :dancing: **

**Being his aunt, I love the little guy SOOOO much. And, I want nothing more for him than to have an extra special birthday present this year. The gift of healing in mind and body. To be healed, at least in part, if not in full of his terrible sufferings. **

**One of the greatest presents that he could receive is t****o be able to talk! **He is almost seven and has yet to say his first words. This makes him so very frustrated. As he knows he should be, but just can’t. :frowning: Please pray that, God would grant J. the gift of speech!

But, even more importantly than that is J. suffers intense pain in his head and body. For his healing in mind and body, and that his intense pain and suffering might be at least lessened, if not removed and healed completely.

**Please join with me in offering prayers that J. can have the best birthday ever, this very year! :slight_smile: **

:signofcross: Heavenly Father, please help this young child to achieve his aunts intentions. That the pain he now endures will be lessened if not miraculously and spontaneously cured. And, that he be able to speak his first words by his seventh birthday. We pray this knowing Your loving and healing power, and we ask with great humility that You heal this child in the name of Your son Jesus. Amen.

Praying for your intentions.

O God, as the Father of us all, including this little J… please Father hear our prayer… We know that you have a plan for “J” and a purpose for him in life. We want nothing less than your will be done Lord… We have full faith in your Divine Healing Power… Father, we ask for “J” to experience a healing of mind and body. We humbly ask that you especially heal him of all physical ailment that cause this little fellow pain… I ask this in Jesus Name… AMEN

A very happy birthday to J…Lord, we ask for healing for J who suffers intense pain in his head and body…of your love for little children, Lord hear us…will keep J in prayer…

Praying for your nephew.

Thank you all for your kind prayers!

**God bless you and yours for your kindness to J.! :slight_smile: **

Praying for your nephew…

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