An idea for ballots and elections

It could be implemented today, and it needs to be implemented.

There could be no fraud at all. The voter would need to be identified 4 ways, driver license, voter registration card, fingerprint and retina scan. Once the credentials are established, the fingerprint or the retina scan would be sufficient. There is no way to “fake” the person’s identity. And then the voting could be done online, on the internet. Since we have the technology to do all the financing on-line, to create a voting system would be very simple. Pretty much everyone has a smart phone.

And, of course we should get rid of this electoral system. It was a good idea back then, but today it is obsolete.

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Digital data can be hacked and manipulated too. Nothing is totally secure or infallible.


What’s so difficult about providing picture ID for ALL voters and sorry but unless you have a doctor’s excuse, are serving away from home in the military or have a DARNED good legitimate verifiable reason everybody should vote in person, on the day of the election on a machine that has been properly checked and declared able to handle the votes.

I think the setup of voting are states issues, and how they are set up are part of states rights.
If we are going to speak our wishes.
I wish that the election day was on a Saturday. Not on a Tuesday. With polls open for 24 hours. And with more polling places, with appointment times to avoid hours long lines


Not really, I don’t want California and New York deciding elections for me.


Democratic car trunks will unfortunately continue to decide elections. Er I mean, yes everyone’s voice matters lol. Your vote counts!

The 2024 election will also be a fair election. No worries.


You have some interesting ideas but first of all, no. No everyone has a cell phone. My issue with voter IDs is, if we are going to require them, then everyone who doesn’t currently have an acceptable ID needs to be given a way to get them. Because some people are poor and live in the backwoods and don’t have transportation, they will need a way to be reached and documented.

Online voting is too easily hackable. If there truly was a secure way to do it…and currently there isn’t…there are still thousands of people not online.

We have so many citizens where showing up on one specific day is extremely hard for them to do…they’re handicapped, caring for an ill child or parent, work nites, etc…I want a system that does everything it can to get everyone that wants to vote, able to vote.

I’m not sure I want to implement a fingerprint and/or eye print either. Besides getting everyone printed, I think there would be some serious privacy concerns over the government having everyone’s prints. While I don’t want to make voting unnecessarily difficult, I don’t want to make it too easy and leading to more fraud, either. I do want all eligible voters to be able to vote and I’m not sure what system would be easier or harder to implement.

That would not be the case. Right now the elections within each state is a one-man-one-vote, and the majority decides. The introduction of the electors simply distorted the system.

Then people still could go to the polling places and cast their ballot there.

Everyone has a SS card, no matter, how poor.

Not true. All our financial transactions are done electronically. And very, very safe.

The new driver licenses already contain all sorts of private information. The “fight” for privacy has been fought and lost a long time ago. Maybe not “everyone” carries a smart phone, say about 90% of the people do. But those who do can be traced any time, anywhere. There is no privacy any more.

The suggested method would be an extension of the existing system not a replacement. It would make the voting process much faster and much easier. And much more secure.

What about those few of us who don’t have smart phones because we live in a place where there’s no cell service? Are we to be disenfranchised?

I don’t fully trust the internet, either. Too many ways to hack into it. And to track who is voting for whom or what – no more secret ballot.

The four methods of ID may help prevent fraud, but internet voting I would be wary of.

Then you can go to the handful actual, physical polling places.

And yet, ALL the financial institutions are confident to use the internet for ALL their transactions.

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