An Ideal Husband


This is a very wise column in which Father Pat Connor offers some very sound advice (which he calls mostly “common sense”). Columnist Maureen Dowd summarizes his lecture “Whom Not to Marry” in her NYT column of July 6, 2008.


Wow… I do pretty well, not perfect thought :slight_smile:

The funny thing is that I use to tell girls/women these exact same things when they would come to me with their relationship problems back in HS and College… they all thought I was nuts.

I would say that I know 2 or 3 that actually listened, they are all still married now after 15+ years while the others have been divorced at least once, some 2 or 3 times.

From what I have experienced in life, Fr is right on track. You hear a lot of people say, what can some old celebate man actually tell ME about love and marraige… in this case, heh, apparently a LOT.



“You’ve eliminated everyone!” Ha ha, so true. I struggle with pornography so it would definitely cut me out (addiction). To be honest, I would prefer someone with imperfections similar to mine because a virtuous woman doesn’t yield at all and gets under your skin quite a bit. Although, maybe that’s not such a bad thing. :shrug:


Gosh I wish I were perfect…:smiley:

No one is though. But I do agree that women need to keep their standards high.


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