An imaginary conversation with Saint Faustina


Nick: Hello, St. Faustia!

Faustina: Hello, Nick. How is your vocation going?

Nick: I’m still discerning it.

Faustina: What is keeping you from going where God calls you to be?

Nick: Whatcha mean?

Faustina: There are certain obstacles that can get in the way: the devil, oneself, family…Are you perhaps hoping to be called in a way that dose not please God?

Nick: Well…I want to be married.

Faustina: Why is that?

Nick: Because I want to spend my life with somene, and be in their life too.

Faustina: But why do you want to be with someone?

Nick: I don’t know, I just do.

Faustina: Spend some time with Jesus. Tell Him everything you’ve told me, and put Him first in your life. If you do that, no obstacle will stop you from living your vocation.

Nick: Oh, thank you. Hey, can you pray the Chaplet for me?

Faustina: Of course. I pray it for everyone dear to my Jesus’ Heart.

Nick: Sweet. Thank you!

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