An Inconveinent Truth

Recently my R.C. Church held a movie night sponsoring Al Gore’s documentary called “An Inconveinent Truth”. I believe the movie discusses global warming and other environmental issues. I was suprised that the Church would host this movie knowing Al Gore is a pro-abortionist. However, I dismissed the event thinking it was just ignorance on the parishes part. Well, last weekend our Church announced it is sponsoring a book sale after masses next week, and all the books have been suggested by the parish priests. I browsed the books and one of the books is by Danielle Steele called “Coming Out”. I believe the book is about a family that has twin dauhters and one is a lesbian. The daughter decides to “come out” at an upscale NY City ball…
Anyhow I am a bit concerned, but I’m wondering if I should really be since I have not personally seen the movie or read the book mentioned. Any thoughts would be appreciated - especially if you are familiar with the two titles.

I personally don’t buy into the whole global warming theory. There is just too much out there that contradicts the theory.

His movie has been shown to contain numerous false claims, such as the claim that polar bears are losing their habitat. The bears used in the movie were computer creations, and accordingto scientists who get paid lots of money to study polar bears, their habitat and reproduction abilities have not declined. His movie is a farce, and he is a hypocrite. (You seen the size of his home in TN?) Global warming has turned into a religion of sorts, and Al Gore has been called a modern day prophet. I even asked our priest if Al was up for sainthood- St. Al: patron saint of global warming scientists. Up next of course in this religion would Sheryl Crow, partron saint of toilet paper.

As for your book question, I am not too familiar with it, however, it does seem like an odd title to have at a church book sale. Maybe they put it in a pile near the Harry Potter books, and a big stack of Jack Chick tracts. :smiley:

I agree, that is the reason why I question Al Gore. I liked him once, but with that whole carbon offset(i think thats what its called) thing, he is just destroying the Earth if there is global warming.

Hard to say -

RE: An Inconvenient Truth
Perhaps showing the movie was a way to get people talking about the issue. Why do you think it’s true? Why do you think it’s not true? etc. From a Catholic perspective, at the very least, even if it’s all humbug, it could be used as a reminder that we have an obligation to our Creator in regards to His Creation.

RE: Coming Out
Let’s not judge a book by it’s cover. Or its title. I did a google search and read several plot-lines. And while they were pretty ambiguous, there are 2 things that stood out. One is that it’s about a debutante ball. So coming out may refer to coming of age. The second one reads from Amazon: “In addition, the twins have their own ideas, with Veronica, a passionate liberal, refusing to attend, and Virginia already shopping for a dress.” If the liberal isn’t attending, it’s probably not about lesbians “coming out”.

I heard that Al is very slick during this presentation but I’d still like to review objective viewpoints on the whole issue of global warming to discern once and for all whether it’s just the natural cycles the earth goes through or if indeed the carbon gases (greenhouse effect) are man-made. Are both sides exaggerating their claims for political reasons or is there really an objective answer to this issue. Feel free to provide good sources. In regards to your parish - you may have progressive priests at the helm. I think it’s time for you to investigate this further.

I would be concerned, but maybe find out more about the book…maybe there is a good moral tone to it?

I can understand your healthly skepticism of the theory, however, please take a look at the followin news article, stating that Al Gore has been in the process of conforming to the Green Practices that he speaks about. I disagree with the last commentator regarding his efforts as a direct response to chiding. If you have ever tried to get any work done on your house, you would know it takes a long time to even get a permit, nevermide have the area rezoned…
Also, I looked into solar panels and geothermal heating, and it is a pretty time intensive venture. This could not be a recent thing he has been trying to do.,21985,21878545-663,00.html

I would agree that some degree of concern may be in order, with a pinch of salt.

While I agree the only “movie” showing should be one of a christian nature. It does seem a bit odd the Al Gore thing showed up - aren’t there more important Catholic issues to address first - let’s get right with God and then the globe.

The book - don’t worry somebody through it in the hopper with the books the priest did recommend. Doesn’t seem a priest is the Steele type.

Keep watching - you are very observant.

Concering the documentary:

I have not seen the film, but someone’s erroneous ideas on one issue does not necessarily mean they are wrong on another. Along a similar vein, a work of art can be beautiful regardless of the sins of its author/creator. So with the documentary, it’s value should be judged by it’s merits, not by the creator’s sins. The first duty human beings were given was to be good stewards of creation. Al Gore’s film presents one theory on how best to do that. I don’t see anything wrong with that at all.

If the parish is showing the An Inconvenient Truth, then I think they should also show the BBC documentary debunking much of it. I think it is a good idea to show both sides of such a devisive theory to really get a decent dialogue going.

And I know what you mean about Danielle Steele’s book. I attended a church once that had a lenders library and there were several Danielle Steele books. I got one for the beach and it was basically a “bodice ripper” set in contemporary times. Now I know. I don’t know about the whole lesbian issue in her book, but the morales of the characters were in question. But that also makes for good characters as well. You have to have a protagonist . . . .

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