An informative article on the consequences of legalized abortion

The Big Picture Behind Abortion. He mentions the candidates but they aren’t the thrust of this article. So, let’s stick to forum rules and not mention any candidates, but rather the content of this excellent article.

I’m not convinced by the author’s arguments. I am not saying he is wrong, just that alternative explanations exist (such as the availability of birth control pills or changing attitudes about single parenthood). He doesn’t try to support his claims, he simply states them as fact.

At one point he does say:

Academic studies have found that legalized abortion, by encouraging premarital sex, increased the number of unplanned births, even outweighing the reduction in unplanned births due to abortion.

But his link is to an abstract of a single study, which is about divorce and not about abortion. Did he forget to include his academic sources for his claims?

I believe he is trying to show the cause and effect of abortion. And the facts seem to agree with him. Before abortion on demand was allowed things were very different. The sexual revolution pushed the idea that abortions would lessen the number of children living in poverty, but just the opposite happened.

Certainly the idea that people can have sex without consequences has proved false–in spades. And abortion was supposed to make sure certain things, such as he cited, didn’t happen, but instead those things are worse than ever. A person would have to be in deep denial or blind not to see the ravages promiscuous sex has had on our culture and country. Abortion on demand was one of the underpinnings of that revolution.

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