An insight about Vocations


I'm going to actually go to a Parish next week and see what it's like to be there. That makes more sense.


Let us know how it goes.

Uh... you can't receive communion. It's okay though, lots of people don't go up and no one thinks anything of it.


Well part of what has me optimistic is that even watching telecare and getting closer to the Church by contacting a Parish over the phone makes things feel more right as something to be involved in vocationally. Because in part how well it makes me feel and how it adds so much more comfort and many more good things.


I hope the Ho;y Spirit leads you to a Parish that will give you some real feeling fo rthe Faith. Of course, Parishes vary as Pastors vary.

I’ll tell you a funny thing as a convert.

I never went to a Mass. Well, when I was a kid I went with a friend’s family, but I was like, 6.

So, I was in my mid-40s and felt called. I enter RCIA and I’m there about three weeks when I tell the director I’ve never actually set foot inside the church. Or gone to a Mass. She didn’t even blink, she took me to Mass a couple times and then I was fine to go on my own.

So, how could I possibly have entered RCIA in this situation? I just had to. I was called, it was bizarre, it had been going on for three years. I had to be Catholic.

I didn’t know one single thing about the Church. I just found the closest Parish, walked in and said, “How do get to be Catholic?” and they signed me up. They didn’t ask, you see. RCIA was starting in two weeks.

It was a God thing.

Know this: whatever else goes on with the fractions and factions and all - this is the real deal. That’s really Jesus. This is the ancient repository of the Deposit of Faith. The Sacraments are exactly as they are described. The Holy Spirit is alive and well and breathing through the Church.

People are flawed and imperfect. The Mystical Body of Christ is… well, you’ll see.


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