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Dear Friends in Christ,

I recently became aware of these events, and so I thought I would share this.

The following are a few of the many Trump boat parades that are taking place across America. These on-going boat parade events are taking place all over the country - from New York to Florida; From Texas to California.

These events are very patriotic and inspirational. Please watch. Great music, and some interesting interviews.

Florida - Trump 2,000 + boat parade and fly over. We will call it “Trump’s Armada”.

San Diego boat parade and fly over.

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Another 2,000 boat parade and fly over.

“SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Thousands of people lined the shore of the San Diego Bay to cheer on the close to 2,000 boats that participated in the Trump Boat Parade over Labor Day Weekend. This was San Diego’s second boat parade for President Trump, the first being a huge success as well”.

Beverly Hills California

A Trump music parade of a different kind. Great song.

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Have you ever seen any such enthusiasm for Joe Biden? Where is Biden’s flotilla?

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Whatever floats your boat. :grin:

It’s not sinking in Lake Travis.

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