An inspirational Lenten thought shortly before Advent

Ok. I try to break from ranting to put in an inspirational meditation.

I went to volunteer at Clear Creek Monastery on a volunteer weekend. They needed old barbwire wound into circles and left on fence posts. I saw the already wound barbwire and I thought about the crown of thorns placed upon Christ’s head during his passion. As I wound more, I felt kind of like a Roman guard making the crown. I don’t know if I meditating on how my sins against purity in the past had been the suffering inflicted upon Christ by the crown of thorns according to tradition, but it would have been good if I had.

I ordered a Crown of Thorns from EWTN. When I look at it, I also think of my sins and what that has done to our Lord. It helps keep me straight and on the path that leads to Christ Jesus.

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