An Interest in the Traditional Latin Mass?


Our Latin Mass community has been asked by a local Shrine to put on a workshop for people interested learning more about the Traditional Latin Mass. I would like to put together a simple FAQ pamplet for them, so I need to know what kinds of basic questions people may have about the Latin Mass.

I didn’t put this thread in the Traditional Catholic section because most of them already know the Latin Mass - I need questions from people that have never been or have only been a few times.

I ask people to simply put their questions, or for those that have been a couple of times, what information would make their experience at the Latin Mass better next time.

Please, please no arguments or debates - I really just need this info to better serve the people that will be coming to our workshop.

Thank you~


Why must much of the Mass be said silently?

Why is the Epistle read from one side and the Gospel on the other? And why is the book placed at an angle on the Gospel side?

Why all the genuflections and bows?

Why all the kissing of the altar?

Why all the signs of the cross?


How can I keep track of where we are in the Mass and what is going on?

Should I dress or behave differently than I do at the Novus Ordo Mass?

How is communion distributed – hand vs tongue, kneeling vs standing?

I would also include a note about incense. Some people are highly allergic but might not think of this beforehand.


Why does the priest wear a funny hat?

Why do the servers kiss the priest's hands when exchanging items?


What is the bowing to the left and right that the alter server does at one point while kneeling next to the priest?


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