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It’s sex o’clock in America by Raquel Welch

The problem is that there has been an attitude for far too long that if you take the taboo out of sex and not impose morals on children then they will logically see that this behavior is either wrong or should be put off until in a committed relationship. The problem is human nature is fallen and people will do what they can get away with. In fact, they will do whatever they are told they are allowed to do. Until we start from a young age start telling kids how they should act and reinforce these morals then we will continue to fall. Also, parents need to take charge and stop hoping someone else educates their child. Parents are too lazy these days and want to not parent their kids. They want kids like in Disney movies and hope for their kids to naturally be perfect all the time. They seemed stunned when their child does something wrong because they only want to see and deal with their kids when they are succeeding. You need morals and family to keep things together. As well as a few good men to lead the nation.

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The problem is human nature is fallen and people will do what they can get away with.


As much as you and I probably disagree on a great deal of issues, I'm in complete agreement that human nature is what it is. No matter what we might want teenagers to do, we can remain sure that a great deal of them are going to have sex.

There are basically two ways of responding to this inevitability:
1) Telling teenagers that this behavior is wrong, wrong, wrong, and that their only choice is to abstain from sex. This option is roughly equivalent to putting your fingers in your ears and chanting "la la la la la" as loudly as you can. Anyone who chooses option number 1 and who is later actually surprised when teenagers have sex anyway is extremely naive.

2) Providing realistic sex education and honestly telling kids that it's not the smartest idea to have a ton of sexual partners and that if you're going to have sex -- which the majority of them are -- you might as well know how to do it safely with minimum risk.

Those are your two choices, and to me it's not really a choice. There's only one logical option.

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