An invisible catholic church? Social studies course

Hello! Recently I have had a question that has had me so puzzled. I go to a catholic high school and I am almost going to graduate, my final exam is coming up and I have been studying loads and loads! And I began to notice something strange, my social studies course, the textbook in particular that we use is a bit odd. The course is about ideologies and politics (blah blah) and how it relates to our lives now and how it started and went thru in the past (ex: world wars, origins of liberalism/conservatism/communism, challenges in modern day etc) and the textbook only seems to mention the catholic church as power hungry and oppressive and imposing to the world currently and in the past (ex: residential schools, the church prior to the French revolution, the church vs liberalism etc) but the textbook mentions NOTHING on the church during the world wars and the good things the church has done, almost as if the catholic church was invisible during world crisis when really it did a lot… I was just wondering as to why this is? This textbook is also used in public schools and I can only imagine the reputation that it gives catholicism…

Have you asked your teacher why the school is using this textbook? If you haven’t already done so, you should tell you parents so they can address this with the principal of your school. Does the Canadian government supply books to Catholic shools as well as public schools?

I think so, it’s sad because we are basically hand in hand with the public curriculum we even Learn about evolution and the big band theory in biology, it’s sad but I will bring it up with my rents, it bugs me :confused:

Unfortunately, perhaps, you are in a school district that requires its member Catholic schools to use their approved text books if they are going to receive tax dollars and their transportation services. That is a really unfortunately situation right there. We need more good Catholics writing text books and more independent Catholic schools.

Nothing wrong with evolution. Many Catholics hold it to be true.

And I doubt those text books are teaching as some Catholics believe it. Sure if you want to believe that God created it so that the humans we see today would evolve/morph out of fish and monkeys of the past not long after some big bang then ok, but the text books are not teaching that there was a God involved in any of that…

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