An Invitation

Our Parish has a few inquiry sessions before the RCIA ( Classes begin in September. The next gathering will be Tuesday, July 12th 7:pm at St. Thomas Aquinas in Logan Utah. It’s a time to ask questions about the Catholic Faith face to face. No questions are out of the realm as long as they are sincere.

It is a fun time and it is very interesting. If anyone in the Northen Utah area is interested just bring yourself. The door is open and the exit sign is clearly marked.

If your Parish has inquiry gatherings you might want to post it here as well.

God Bless

Is there an RCIA program for the disabled and shutins?

Maybe an official program online?

Thank You :slight_smile:

Not sure, but I would be glad to send you the book that we use for our studies. "We Believe, A survey of the Catholic Faith

By, Oscar Lukefahr, C.M.
Forward by Archbishop Justin Regali

Provides am overview of the Catholic faith in an easy-to-understand format that touches on the important elements of belief and practice. Includes activities and questions for both inidividual and group discussion - perfect for RCIA.

There is a great series of courses available from The Catholic Home Study Service That includes that course and about 6 others. I completed them all and they are some of the best around. This would be great for shut-ins
Pax tecum,

Thank you both so much :slight_smile: I’ll definately look into those :smiley:

God Bless.

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