An Iraqi Group Helping Women and Gays Is Receiving Death Threats


Religious groups are threatening to kill the members one of the few Iraqi organizations dedicated to helping women and gays.

Lord, have mercy!


Religious groups? Mormons?


Take note: this could be the future of an America governed by religion. We must all stand for truth with charity and against the masses that would use their faith as a hammer to smash others over the head with. I believe this is why we’ve seen the rise of such militant feminist and homosexual groups, because they see the writing on the wall if they don’t stand up for themselves — subjugation (women) and torture/death (homosexuals). Perhaps the best answer to those groups is not to become militantly anti-homosexual and militantly anti-women as so many Christians groups are, but militantly pro-truth with charity.



The entire gay rights movement was borne out of a mass police beating of gays & lesbians; remember that. I, for one, don’t want to go back to those days just to avoid having a gay character on a television show or something else stupid that people complain about.


I suppose I could sit here and whine about how this is off-topic as those who consistently defend homosexual behavior and Islam in the same breath do when I bring it up. :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean really, this thread is about Islam and the prior comment is using the conversation to try and put the blame on Christians. :shrug:

But I have to ask:

What writing on the wall is that? They’re getting more recognition today than they ever have in this country’s history.

Free contraception on demand and these days someone speaking out against so-called gay “marriage” is likely to be ostracized.

Also, where and who are these “so many Christians groups?” that are so hateful?

Without Christian support, there’d no legal gay “marriage” or government-provided contraception.



The Daily Beast is left-leaning. Since it’s obviously Islamists who are the perps here,I wouldn’t be surprised they naturally revert to ambiguous language so as not to offend conservative Muslim men which is a high crime in some progressive circles. Also, Muslims currently vote for liberal politicans in the USA, so there’s also that is perhaps considered. :shrug:

Now, if TEA PARTY evangelicals were doing this, be assured they’d be identified and the story would be front-page news on most major media outlets for days if not weeks.


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