"An Irishhealth expert has urged that we delay Christmas until January in order to crush coronavirus once and for all."


No problem here then, as Christmas comes twice a year in my house. We can just do it once this year around. I see this is from GRIPT again, a site I would point out once again is on the far-right and not exactly relevant to most Irish people. This is a minority idea being advocated in this piece at the moment. The writer of the piece should also do a bit of research about other faiths as this bit below stood out for me:-

‘But the Government, or its advisors (Prof Ryan falls into the latter category) would not, you might wager, suggest to Muslims that it might be convenient for them to move Eid Mubarak to another date to facilitate the Covid lockdown. Some religions, you see, are taken seriously. Others, like Christianity, are regarded as little more than an inconvenience.’

Eid is a moveable feast, it changes dates every year.


I won’t be listening to any so called expert preaching when i can celebrate Jesus’ birth.

I hope to God i am not alone there.


They can’t move Christ’s Mass (Christmas). However, if they’re thinking about delaying Yuletide, the “holiday” where everyone boozes, gorges, etc then by all means, delay it.

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And what part of my home country do you hail from? This is a minority point of view and not likely to be acted on ultimately in any case. Ireland is in the middle of a six-week lockdown in most places. In the UK where I currently reside we are in a four-week lockdown.

That’s sadly much more true to what Christmas has become in both Ireland and the UK nowadays and I say that with regret even as an agnostic. Months of advertising stuff at us and then a day of people watching stuff on TV while they load up their guts with food. and do that for several days in a row. I now tend to celebrate it more with my wife as she is Eastern Orthodox and of course due to calendar differences the date is different.

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Munster and Connaught.

This is true in America too, sadly. My father was “old calendar” Ukrainian Catholic, so we celebrated twice. We have a small meal in his honor on the old calendar Christmas, but don’t really celebrate beyond that much because we’re “new calendar”, plus my husband is Roman Catholic.

Those are of course provinces. So you have family I presume that come from a county in each.

My father is Latin Catholic, my wife is Eastern Orthodox. My father believes turkey must be eaten at Christmas, I loathe turkey, with a vengeance. I do however enjoy memories of Midnight Mass as a kid with him and mum. Our priests have been pretty good during lockdown at dealing with the elderly and given the average age for many of them is not young it has not been a giggle for them. Many of them are at retirement age or beyond. I imagine the situation is the same in many parts of the US.

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Kerry and Galway, Cahirciveen and Clifden to be more specific.

Already done. Christmas is celebrated until January 10 (and somewhat until February 2), so there is plenty Christmas to be had during January if someone is so inclined to celebrate with the Church.

Delay its beginning? Feh.

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This is a bloke on the fringes of opinions with regard to this. He is associated with Trinity College and is a professor there, yes his view is worth listening to but I don’t think it is likely to carry the day.

I don’t know that I see anything nefarious here.

He might be suggesting that large gatherings and events be postponed, which is probably wise. But the Nativity of Our Lord is still happening in December (depending on the calendar you follow). It will still be celebrated at that time in my home. Everyone can do the same. And the Nativity fast has already started.

Christ is born! Glorify Him!

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It might get put through as most people know this is not a normal Christmas, tempers are not quite so strained in Ireland yet, but I don’t think so. Given the border in Ireland we have some TDs there (Irish equivalent more or less of a MP) who keep trying to push through the idea of sticking the army on the border to stop people coming and going across it so much due to differing rules on either side. I for one would not support that except in the direst need and we aren’t there yet as that would create HUGE issues of its own that would rumble on for years.

*looks at calendar, sees Thanksgiving is two weeks away, and clutches pearls

You need to pile it with gravy and cranberry sauce and stuffing :slightly_smiling_face:

When I was a kid we had a Russian orthodox family in the neighborhood and their Mom told my Mom she loved living in the US and taking advantage of the post Christmas sales.


And then throw it in the bin. That should give an idea of my feelings about turkey.


I don’t give two cents about the article, but quite honestly, this particular year, unlike most others, I am totally happy with seeing Christmas trees already up.

What I would suggest is that we make Christmas the day of worship (at Mass if we can, via ‘TV” if we can’t) and then go back to a tradition that many of our ancestors had in the Latin Church where Epiphany (and dang it, it’s JANUARY 6 not ‘Sunday Jan 3 2021” she says with a curmudgeonly scowl), and ‘Three Kings’ Day” was the big commercial ‘ie. secular’ feast with the gift giving and the food and the fun and games and dancing tra la la la la. Wouldn’t that be great! The ‘12 days of Christmas’ leading up to a fun fest on January 6, and even MORE time for us to enjoy lights, music, and a ‘Christmas good cheer’ attitude. Personally, that’s what I’m going with. More Christmas!!


Except that Epiphany no longer necessarily falls on January 6, but moves freely throughout the calendar on its Sunday, thus destroying the traditional song and much else that we held dear.

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The more Christmas the better. (By which I mean the more spiritual and liturgical aspect)

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