An issue regarding the mixing of consecrated hosts between autonomous rites

This is only natural especially considering their status as refugees. As someone who’s been displaced myself, I cannot emphasize enough what a traumatic experience it is. People in such a situation, finding themselves in a foreign environment and feeling alone, tend to insist on banding together with others of their same nationality and circumstance, in a way people might describe as “exclusive” or “insular”.

I agree with another poster that your priest is too be applauded for the welcome he’s given this community. Please try to understand yourself that there is nothing wrong per se with the “mixed” host issue (I place it in between quotations in order to demonstrate how silly it is to discriminate between hosts) and the banding-together issue.


You can communicate with them without needing to assimilate them into your activities. Simply have them send a couple of representatives, you send a couple of representatives, you sit down and talk to each other. Like a diplomatic mission.


Maybe I’m reading you wrong, but it sounds like you’re trying to make any possible case to get rid of this group.

In any event, this is an internal matter for your parish, and you’ve been given as much advice as is possible for strangers on the internet. Leave it to your priest at this point. There’s no sense in continuing to adjudicate it online. We’re only really getting your side of the story anyway, and none of us have any power to do anything at your parish.



They have already been told by Workplace, Health and Safety about fires and it makes no difference. When the fires are lit and no one else is about except the elderly woman who is in a wheelchair phoning the fire department after the event is way too late

I have never tried to get rid of this group. In fact I have done my best not to cause any trouble but that is just me. Others in this Parish have had enough. What I have done here is defend myself as it seems that the group mentality of piling on is happening. You say you don’t know the full story but you all seem to want to attack without considering that this one particular group may not be so Christian in their behaviour at all. Just like any other human they are not perfect either. You know Jesus died for everyone not just this group so we matter too. Goodnight

They have been here for nearly three years and have showed no intention of meeting with us to discuss anything. No one is asking them to assimilate. All that was ever intended was for the two communities to mix socially to get to know each other better. But that was not to be

Not really. If everyone is in agreement that what you started a thread about (that there should be no “mixing” of hosts) that doesn’t mean we’re piling on you. Why are you so insistent on holding that belief despite having been told, first by your priest, now by us, that it’s wrong?

No one’s attacking you. And we didn’t ask for the full story. We’re merely responding to the issue you raised in your OP and thread title.

Seriously? This is extremely overdramatic.

I’m sorry, but there isn’t anything more to say.

You and everyone involved are in my prayers.

Christ’s peace.


Well, I agree with Father above that I think we’ve given you all the advice that we can, not being from your own parish, and your question has been answered about the Eucharist, so there’s not much more to say.
Prayers that you and this other group can work out your differences in some way that is healthy for both groups.
Good luck and God bless.

They do it at every service they have. If the situation were reversed and we were using their church they would expect and quite rightly that we would respect the sacredness of their church. It is another example of how they view us. They don’t even refer to us as fellow Christians let alone fellow Catholics. We are simply the other nationals

This sounds like a classic case of “overstaying one’s welcome.” That’s the natural tendency for people to become entitled and abusive when receiving another’s hospitality for a long period of time. Refugees aren’t special and aren’t immune to this.

The episode of Spongebob called “Can you spare a dime?” is pretty funny in how it shows this.

Oh, and I have a question relevant to the title. Do they use unleavened or leavened bread for the Eucharist in their rite?

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