an odd question

I am careful about sinning because I would be embarrassed to confess them. Normal?

Yes, whatever keeps you away for sin is great.

Shame is a big incentive

Pax Christi!

Hey, it works…

This can be my new excuse, when someone asks me to go along with something sinful: “Nah. I REALLY don’t want to have to confess THAT!”

God bless!

You might also say the Rosary daily, it works to help keeping you away from sin. If you are already saying it on a daily basis, then say two; one in the AM upon rising, the other with your nightly prayers. The way this works is that by sinning, you are literally slapping Her son in the face, and how could you do that to any mother, least of all Her?

Hey, that’s a good one! :smiley:

I think it’s normal. Confession is a powerful deterrent. It’s stopped me from getting into trouble more than once!

I have never had sex outside of marriage and have never been married. Never fornication or adultery although close at times.

It today’s world those things are not that far away.

I have probably gone to the sacrament of reconciliation hundreds of times to 30 different priests in the last 5 years…once a week, once every two weeks, sometimes in the middle of the week as i live in an urban area.

sometimes if i think about committing fornication or sex before marriage, sex outside of marriage, i do in fact think about the sacrament of reconciliation. It is part of my relationship with the Lord Jesus. that sacrament is a strong encounter with Christ.

i do think to myself…that I would not want to ever have to go to the sacrament of reconciliation and say i committed fornication. to imagine myself going to Reconciliation and confessing that is repugnant to me. Maybe it is filial fear of the Lord. I wouldn’t want to betray God like that. I wouldn’t want to let God down like that. I wouldn’t want to hurt God like that. I wouldn’t want to turn away from God like that.

part of it may be self honesty and the sacrament of reconciliation preventing self-deception. This line of thought may prevent myself or another from thinking, “Oh, i’ll just commit this and then go to confession afterwards.”

Whatever keeps you from sinning, friend. :thumbsup:

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