An Odd Visitor at CCE

A teenage girl brought her 1st grade cousin to my daughter’s CCE class last Sunday. She was asked to register in the office to which the teenager replied that they were just visiting our church and wanted to sit in. She also said that there wasn’t any adult with them to answer questions. I was told later that they were laughing inappropriately at various very Catholic teachings (prayers, baptism, the Eucharist).

I realize that this may just have been two nervous young ladies visiting. However, this situation brought up an interesting question in my mind. Are there religions out there that regularly send young people to study the Catholic Church in order to point out what they see as wrong teachings? If so what are these religions?

Not that I’ve ever heard of, but anything’s possible…

An unfortunate occurrance certainly but not usual.

My own son (18 today) has a couple of friends who are Protestant & have made statements about the Church that were in error. They now keep it under control since they have had to answer some of my questions about why they believe unBiblical stuff, like their communion, confession, & baptism.

So long as your girl knows that what they did was innappropriate (she’s probably more miffed than you are…) & knows the truth about what we believe I would say it’s all good, but if it happens again I’d go to someone about getting them out of there if they’re disruptive.

Hopefully that won’t be necessary

Michael M.I.

half of our 9th graders laugh at what is taught, giggle, ask nonsensical questions that have no purpose except to disrupt the class and get off the topic, don’t listen to the answers given, make fun of what the teacher or other students say–these are the ones preparing for confirmation, I can’t believe anybody walking in off the street would be any ruder. Their own peers, the recently confirmed teens who volunteered to be small group moderators for this class, have given up in disgust at how rude and ill-disciplined they are. (Conveniently forgetting, I suppose the way some of them used to act at the same age).

We teach CCD here to public school kids. I taught CCD on and off for years. We divide the classes into 9th and 10th and then 11th and 12th. Boys and girls are separated. This is a prep for confirmation. I never had a problem such as is described in this thread.

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