An "Oh Wow!" Moment


Sometimes the seemingly impossible happens and you just know it was because of heavenly assistance. It’s one of those things that makes you stop and think “Oh Wow!” and give thanks; something that could not logically happen and reinforces your faith. Did you ask silently for help, say a prayer, asked a Saint (or St. to be) for assistance or just asked great, great, great Grandma for a little help?

Our town recently had a major fire, seven fire departments responded. Almost 40 homes were totally lost and another 60 or so had severe smoke and water damage. This all happened within two hours due to excessive heat, dryness and a series of cascading failures. Damage in the multi-millions but absolutely no injuries. Two days later when everything finally cooled, firemen shifting throught the ashes found personal items and childrens toys in the middle of the worst of it that looked almost untouched.

I recently asked for assistance from John Paul the Great on behalf of a seriously ill friend. He is stalling on seeing the doctor because it looks like the totally illogical may have happened. :extrahappy:

Are there times the answer to your prayer come back no? You bet, but when the answer is yes, Oh Wow ! Thanks to all the Saints and Angels in heaven! Thank You God !

What was your “Oh Wow”?


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