An old subject (sorry)

Hello everyone and I’m going to ask a question about what is probably on old subject here.
I was speaking with an athiest the other day and he said that the pope (while still a cardinal) protected a preist who abused many children in Germany.

He also said the pope-to-be signed some papers to protect this certain priest from criminal action. I’m certain that this is not the whole truth to what hapened- if not a downright lie but I want to know is there any weight to this? What is the truth about this?

Thank you very much for any tips or help you can give me.

Pax vobis, Latingirl.

Three little words. . .burden of proof.

YOU are not responsible for this. HE is. He wants to make an allegation, it is up to HIM to supply the details, not to send you on an internet search mission. Tell him when he can be bothered to trot out some actual allegations other than his word of mouth you’ll be willing to look at them. Until then, I’m sure you have much better things to do with your time this Holy Week than to be somebody’s catspaw chasing after ‘he-said’ dreck.

Funny thing is he would give me his sources and didn’t want to argue with me!!

I just want to be able to disprove these accusations 1. For my own personal peace and 2. So I can be beter equipped to deal with it in the future.

Maybe this is what your friend was talking about:

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