An once in a life time educational opportunity. (humor)

I think possibly only fellow residents of the UK will get this one but if some please see below for details of this fabulous educational opportunity:-

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I regret to inform, this is entirely beyond me!

London street slang innit cuz! This is how kids in gangs speak. A Roadman is a kind of minor wannabe gangsta who engages in petty dealing and shoplifting etc.

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Ah, I would have guessed prison slang.

Used there as well. It’s all good though, it’s peng bredrins. Allow it! Eating endless chicken and chips is part of roadman culture, well in so much as you can call it a culture. Hence the bit with the chicken on there, that also references a very, very black comedy movie, ‘Four Lions’.

‘Hot wing and chip’ is the prefered food of the Roadman. Along with cans of stolen lager, mini cherry brandy bottles (also stolen) and similar drinks.

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