An Open Letter to the Synod From Over 100 Converts

Above all, we think that the proposals in question fail to take to heart the real crisis of the family underlying the problem of divorce, contraception, cohabitation and same-sex attraction. That crisis, as Benedict XVI observed, is “a false understanding of the nature of human freedom.” Still worse, as he continued, we now have to confront an outlook that “calls into question the very notion of being − of what being human really means” (“Address of His Holiness Benedict XVI on the Occasion of Christmas Greetings to the Roman Curia,” 2012). Not only are the changes in the Church’s discipline called for by some far from adequate to the challenge before us, they seem to us to capitulate to the problem they purport to address.

Some very familiar names for Catholics on the list.

As the wife of a convert, I’ve been wondering about their voices. Frankly, part of my testimony is about discovering the truth of the Church’s teaching regarding contraception. I had no idea, and I had to dig to find it out. When I did, I felt like something had been kept from me. Now, I’m not saying it’s easy, but it makes so much sense if you’re willing to examine it.

Johnnyc176, THANK YOU for posting this wonderful link. It is an amazing letter:thumbsup:
May Our Lord Bless them for their witness & courage! I am so glad that they are HOME!

The list of Catholics is very impressive :thumbsup: It includes Priests, Monks, Lawyers, Authors, Professors, etc. etc.:thumbsup:

I love seeing so many converts, former Episcopal, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian Priests, Pastors, Ministers. WOW!!

Catholics holding very important, influential roles/positions at Oxford University, Princeton University, Notre Dame University, Catholic University of America, Georgetown University, Franciscan University of Steubenville, Villanova University, etc. etc.

I pray that this letter helps all of us out!:highprayer:

God bless,



As a convert from the Episcopal church 7 years ago, I am so thankful to these men and women for writing this beautiful letter.

Thanks for posting this!

God Bless then all, Memaw

Remember the days when the faithful prayed for the Holy Spirit to move the hearts of Church leaders instead of writing letters, signing petition, and hold online polls?

They’ve done both. Is there something wrong with either?

That was back in the days when Catholics all knew and accepted Church teaching on divorce and homosexuality.

Of the converts that I have spoken to about their conversion they have mentioned Truth and/or the Eucharist as reasons for their coming into the Catholic Church. No one mentioned donuts, fellowship or how they were ‘welcomed’. Most of the people on that list struggled to come to terms with the Truth of Jesus Christ and His Church, the Catholic Church. Praying, reading, studying, giving up jobs, enduring family conflict. Now they are hearing that the Truth may be manipulated to conform to one’s ideology. They are remembering Pope Benedict XVI warning of the dictatorship of relativism.

Or post on forums?

Remember the days when liberals didn’t manipulate the Word of God to conform to their particular theology or political ideology? Yeah…I don’t remember either.

Exactly, and these converts are a blessing to the Church. Living waters.

Thank you for posting this. As a convert I wholeheartedly endorse this letter.

One more thing - I abhor donuts but fellowship and/or welcoming I personally don’t see as quite so prohibitive to the true Christian life of worship. If converts want to bring in some of that, I am cool with it. :wink:

Thank the Lord for that letter. I hope it helps them in their discussions. :thumbsup:

That’s a lot of educated converts


I’m also an adult convert and wish to add my support for their letter.


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