An opinion of reciting the Our Father in this manner

I am looking into the Benedictine Oblates at a monastery here. But I wonder about something. I went to the monastery for Vespers, to meet some of the sisters. It seemed to go well until they recited the Our Father. They said "Our Father and Mother who are in Heaven. I don’t know that this is wrong, but would like some opinions on this. It just sounded very different.


Yeah. That’s wrong. Best tell their superior.

It is flat out wrong.
From *The Ratzinger Report:

Christianity is not a philosophical speculation; it is not a construction of our mind. Christianity is not ‘our’ work; it is a Revelation; it is a message that has been consigned to us, and we have no right to reconstruct it as we like or choose. Consequently, we are not authorized to change the Our Father into an Our Mother: the symbolism employed by Jesus is irreversible; it is based on the same Man-God relationship he came to reveal to us.

  • Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI)

I know when this happened, the Holy Spirit just seemed to yell at me that something was not right. Maybe I should rethink this monastery.

That sounds like a very good idea.

I would rethink and tell them why.

Unfortunately, I have no other monastery near me.

The Lord’s Prayer came from the mouth of Jesus Himself. Deliberately corrupting Jesus’ prayer to the Father is both blasphemy and sacrilege. I suspect that some of these sisters have been dabbling in Wicca or some other type of goddess-worship.

If it’s inside the Mass, it’s wrong. If they sing it or pray it outside the Mass, that’s another matter.

Yes, please do rethink that monastery!

Could they have been talking about Mary?

Either way, the Lord’s Prayer is from the Lord and it’s not their right to change it. I would not join an organization that was felt called to manipulate traditional prayers like that. And I think it could do them spiritual good if you were to tell them why you won’t be joining them.

This was said at evening Vespers, no Mass.

The sister quoted “Our Father and Mother who art in Heaven…”

My first inclination is to say no, but it really would be a gray area for me. Perhaps someone expert on the LOTH can chime in here.

Their chapel is very modern, really would have a hard time knowing that it was a Catholic chapel if you just happened to go there. I get the feeling that they lean more towards the liberal. The sister did have a guitar for singing the responses. So I guess I have some doubts that they are traditionalists.

Using “mother” as a metaphor for God sometimes is an acceptable and perhaps fruitful thing to do. Julian of Norwich referred to Jesus as our mother.

Substantially changing the words of the prayer that Jesus directly gave to us in the gospels? No. Absolutely not.

Well, it seems to me that since the LOTH is an official Liturgy of the Church, there should not be such changes permitted.

Thanks for the post. :thumbsup: Answer this loud and clear !

Look elsewhere as that may not be the only problem they have. God Bless, Memaw

I understand the rage, but please, your allegations against these sisters regarding Wicca is highly speculative, inflammatory, and sinful (gossip or speculation is bearing false witness).

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