An ugly bias is back: blaming Jews for financial woes

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) reported Feb. 10 that a survey of 500 people in each of seven European countries – Austria, France, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Spain, and Britain – found that 40 percent felt Jews have too much power in business and nearly a third blamed Jews for the global financial crisis.

Though the ADL has not surveyed American anti-Semitism since 2007 – when 18 percent shared the sentiment that Jews have “too much control/influence on Wall Street” – the Jewish defense organization reported a spike in anti-Semitic chatter online after Wall Street collapsed last September.

And that was before anti-Semites were gifted their poster boy for Jewish grifting. In December, Bernard Madoff confirmed every suspicion about Jewish moneylenders when he reportedly admitted to running a $50 billion Ponzi scheme.

it never really went away in Europe. It just went underground after the Fascist/Nazi’s (both socialist ideologies) defeat. Now that Socialism is gaining more power in Europe, it can make a comeback.

So will we have another Father Coughlin or Henry Ford? I never understood that stuff.

I see no problem with the Jewish people, or any financial success that they may have. However, I do have a few problems with the ADL and some of their criticisms of the Catholic Church.

Reminds me of a story I heard ages ago.
A Jew in the ghetto back in the old country sees a friend reading an anti-Semitic newspaper.

“Moishe! How can you even look t such trash?” he says.

“I know, I know,” Moishe replies, “I just can’t resist reading about how powerful we are.”

I was in Borders today and I saw a mag with a picture of Bernie Madoff retouched to make him look like the Joker in the latest Batman movie.

Horrible!!! :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: It may be true that many Jewish people are overrepresented among those who created the financial woes, but they are not to blame - **bad laws and public opinion that allowed and * did not hold accountable reckless irresponsibility at the correct time *** are to blame! Jewish people lost their fortunes as well. (Check Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel’s foundation’s loss of fortune.) I strongly suspect that if the average Jewish person knew what was going on and the immorality of it at the time when it happened, they would have disapproved! It is necessary to ** stomp out anti-semitism whenever we see it, especially given its ugly side!!! **

Well, as my dear friend Steinman once told me, “Eh, in this country we get stuck with accusations…but in the old country, we got stuck with bayonets.”

jews are generally successful and are in many high places in a disproportionate amount making them easy targets. it’s silly to think jews are working together to rule the world. they are subject to original sin like all of us and are objectively speaking worse off fighting the assaults of the devil than a practicing catholic is. they have more of an excuse being greedy than catholics.

I saw a post HERE at CA which basically said the same thing.Malicious bigoted Jew hating scapegoatism is everywhere.

Blaming Jews for the global financial crisis, blaming Homosexuals for the decline of family values, blaming Blacks for the rise in burglaries… etc… These are activities of malicious, ignorant and prejudiced people…

You have a very curious notion of Europe and socialism…taken all together your post is very offensive. Have you ever visited Europe?

Jews are successful because they have a network, value hard work and have high expectations for their kids. Much of the rest of society is composed of rogue, excuse-making, underachievers who think the world owes them a living because they are just wonderful. Of course the Jews are doing better. Anyone with their values and work ethic would do better.

“Ugly biases” generally come from idiots who want what someone else has but are not willing to put the work in. Fasten your seatbelts. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Other than an unusually high cultural value on education, Jews haven’t had a significant leg up on us goyim since the western world abandoned laws against usury.

Once upon a time (before inflation came to be), no christian was allowed to loan money and charge interest. Only Jews were permitted such activity because they weren’t christians and their religion had no prohibition against it. They really DID have an unfair financial advantage back then, but THEY didn’t impose it on others. The others imposed it on themselves. That didn’t stop the scapegoating.

The lingering effects show just how long cultural biases linger after any sort of basis in reality is removed.

I don’t blame homosexuals for the decline of family values,however legalising same sex so called marriage certainly contributes to the incresing irrelevance of marriage in the secular world and its continuing war on traditional male,female nuclear families.Nice attempt at comparing apples with oranges though.

The arguments from the left would be more relevant if they actually dealt with the intelligent argumetns that the right is offering. I am certain that there are some intelligence challenged people who do blame this or that minority for the decline of marriage or the rise of crime, just as Christinha says.

But by dealing with the arguments of the intellectually challenged alone, the left implicitly agree that they have no real challenges to the real arguments that the right is making.
Apples, oranges and arguments made of straw.

I totally agree and that is why cogent arguementation with a liberal or leftist usually results with the conservative being labeled as a reactionary or as a hater.As you say,strawman arguementation.

Who is a homophobe?

Anyone winning an arguement with a liberal.

If you don’t blame homosexuals for the decline of family values, then you’re not included in that group. Legalizing your neighbour’s marriage would never contribute to the increasing irrelevance of your marriage, unless, of course, the legalization prompts you to covet your neighbour’s marriage…

I know conservatives are desperate to find some kind of reason to justify their opposition to gay marriage, but the one you offered does not hold water. Marriage is good for humans, with or without children, regardless of sexual orientation. The stability of this long term relationship is emotionally, financially and medically beneficial to both persons. This benefits society by making its individuals healthier, and it makes them more productive. There simply is no non-religious rationale for denying gays the right to marry. Marriage is good. Families are good.

Instead of scapegoating gays and “the secular world” perhaps it would be better to try to convince people not to give up on marriage quite so easily as they have been doing. Try promoting marriage and its benefits. Try promoting families instead of trying to break them up.

As for antisemitism, I think it is more ingrained in Western Europe than in North America. I’m not sure why, but even before the financial crisis, I remember seeing polls which indicated higher levels of antisemitism in Europe. On the other hand, perhaps people there just feel freer to express it to strangers.

This is a view I seem to be coming across more and more and I find it offensive in the extreme: those who don’t do well are lazy. :frowning:

As the first generation to know some degree of financial wellbeing, a number of us in my family also curiously find ourselves afflicted with the odd tendency to give more than is asked of us in the employment arena. Where did we pick it up? From those who raised us, most of whom today have very little in terms of property or money.

Enough already with the poor people are lazy and well-off people work hard analogies. The hardest working people I know are poor, Catholic and seemingly burdened with the need to give selflessly regardless.

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