An Uncle of mine keeps harrasing people claiming that


…There is No God . What does he Know. What can I do to stop his madness?:confused:


Ask him to prove it to a positive certainity. He can’t.


You probably can’t do anything to stop him. If he’s actually HARRASSING them, you could tell him that his harrassment isn’t very nice. But, the people he is harrassing should be able to tell him so, themselves.

I would think that he would only enjoy arguing with you, so why feed that? Just ignore him and pray for him.


to prove that there is abosultly no god requires one to be everywhere in the universes at once thus making oneself a god.

His sphere of knowledge, especailly first hand knowledge is too limited to say exactly what does and does not exist everywhere at the same time.


Well, you could just smile and say “Of course there’s a God!”

Or, you could smile and say “What past, present or future guilt are you trying to free yourself from by denying God?”


Those are some pretty good reponses Marsh and Mike. I don’t see my Uncle too much.the last time I saw him was a few months ago. he doesn’t believe.


See, I think this is an appropriate point at which to resort to “That’s what she said” jokes. Then again, I’m juvenile like that.


The next time you talk to your uncle, if he has a nice car or watch, ask him whether this watch or car could just happen, without anyone making it. He will probably say no. Thats what you want him to say. Then ask him if the answer is no, how is it the entire universe, and all that is in it can just happen? Especially humans. They can reproduce, grow, heal if injured or cut, communicate in many different languages, know the abstract, but if they just happened, how can that be. They even make the watches or cars that just cant happen. They are much more complex than a mere watch or car. See how he answers that. I have used this with several atheists, and to a person, they had no come back. One even said, “You have given me much to think about”. Unfortunately this was on a plane and I have never seen that person again. I have kept all of them in my prayers.
Deacon Ed B


Point out that the philosophical meaning of the word God is, “the essence of existence,” that which makes existence what it is (as humanity makes a human what he is or heat makes hot things what they are). Now if anything can be said to exist, existence exists (otherwise we couldn’t say their existence is real), but saying “God does not exist” means that existence, which we decided was real, does not partake of what makes it what it is. In other words, it is what it is, but not for any reason, unlike anything else.

Which is nonsense.


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