An Uncomfortable Situation

The next time someone tells you to just change the channel when you object to the media, tell them my story that happened today.

The television was off and me, my wife, and the kids (4 and 2) were winding down in the living room so the kids could go to sleep without being hyper. I turned on the TV and it just so happened to be at a time that the current program had a “bedroom scene” - I will say no more. The channel was a broadcast channel, so it was not cable. So, I had to rush to change the channel.

Does the mainstrem media expect us to be mindreaders? Or, should I try to change the channel before I turn on the TV, just to play it safe?

Set the channel to EWTN permanently! Problem solved!


I no longer watch TV.

If I feared a problem of what the screen would show when the TV was first turned on, I would always tune it to a channel like EWTN before turning it off. If you don’t get EWTN, you could try something like the weather channel or Animal Planet.

I stopped watching network TV a long time ago; that cuts down by at least 95% the amount of trash appearing on the screen. :slight_smile:

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Animal Planet has an awful lot of sex scences, also. :smiley:

I guess they do :o , but at least they’re not bedroom scenes. :smiley:

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I majorly disagree with the “turn it off if you don’t like it” argument. It’s a very self-centered argument that ignores the rest of society.

Even if I turn it off, many families don’t. Their children watch the trash, and it influences them badly. And then those bad influences are acted out in real life, in society, and we all suffer.

It’s not all about ME. It’s all about society.

One of the biggest problems that I have with TV is how it de-sensitizes people to evil. The show “Everybody Loves Raymond” is a good example. Everyone talks about how decent this show is.

My college-aid daughter watched it a few time, and said, “It’s horrible! Every plot is about how Ray’s wife won’t have sex with Ray, and it’s always Ray’s fault. It’s a man-basher show.”

Well, well!

She’s right.

And frankly, I think some of these so-called “family comedies” are more dangerous than the outright “bad” shows. At least on the bad shows, evil is obvious. On the “family shows,” evil is often hidden by the swear-free humor that lulls people into believing that it really is funny to “make fun of Dad” or that it really is funny when a small child acts like a miniature Henny Youngman or that it really is cute when a little toddler looks like a beauty queen.

my parents severely restricted TV (we only had one in the house if dad was fixing one for somebody) because they objected to content then–violence in kids shows and cartoons, westerns etc., and especially to the way families were portrayed. Very few 2-parent families, and those that were made daddy look stupid and incompetent, and children were bratty. Same old same old from my point of view. I have not watched network TV in years, I have seen the reruns of the few shows of value, so don’t watch those either. If it were not for sports we would not need satellite at all, except now we have phone, TV, radio, cell and internet on one package deal. there is about 1-2 movies a month I care to watch (just saw Cars, great flik). I think it is wasted money, except we save hundreds on long distance phone needed for hubby’s work.

I agree with Cat. It is best if we ourselves don’t watch TV (we watch very little), but others that we will encounter ARE watching the stupid stuff that’s on these days. I am not willing to monitor “popular media” so I know what to complain about to the network honchos. I choose instead to pray for those who will watch whatever comes on and to pray that a network honcho or two (or why not all of them?!) grow a conscience and stop airing that nonsense.

I long ago did this and you’re right–problem solved! I can expect (and get) holiness from EWTN and not the filth that seems to be everywhere else. A priest once said that the PG movie rating meant “profanity guaranteed.” I agree with his viewpoint.

I pretty much watch EWTN or nothing now. I’d keep it there if you can.

Oh how I miss shows that I thought were good like Full House and decent cartoons!

I don’t watch EWTN because I refuse to pay for Cable TV.

If and when the government passes the law that allows people to purchase just one cable network and not a whole package, then I will gladly pay for EWTN.

But I won’t pay for Cable just to get one channel. As long as I have to buy a “package” that includes objectionable channels (including the “Evolution Channel”–oops, I mean the Discovery Channel), I will not pay.

Concerned Women for America has worked on this issue:

I would love to see this happen and I think it COULD happen if more people got behind it! I’m not a special fan of CWA, but I support them body and soul when it comes to this issue!

As an old mom, let me give you some advice, TV is not advised as a way to get kids to settle down withough being hyper before bed. Bedtime rituals, bath then jammies then prayers then reading will calm them down, TV will just prolong the stimulation.

For accidental TV viewing of bedroom scenes, if you choose to have TV in your home - use the parental controls and always leave it on a neutral station as suggested.

Thankfully, I do not have to pay anything for my cable. It is provided as a perk of living in this high rise. All I watch on it are Animal Planet, ETWN and Fox News. You do have to pay extra if you want things like Showtime, HBO, etc. They asked if it I wanted it and I said no, it has too many filthy shows and I will stick with ETWN. So I am thankful that the Lord has provided a way for me to have it, as I could not afford a cable subscription. You can be sure that if I had children, I would not have a t.v. in my house.

That’s it! EWTN is the only reason I pay for Cable.

I’ve seen some leggy blondes in short skirts on Fox News. Conservatives know how to play upon concupiscience excellently!

And for a few weeks, FoxNews kept running very titillating video clips accompanying the Girls Gone Wild founder’s legal woes. I even turned off the TV after a couple of viewings.


The same thing happened to our family during the now infamous Super Bowl back a couple of years ago. We had turned the channel as soon as we saw the very suggestive dancers. We turned it a while later to see if the halftime show was over just in time to see the wardrobe malfunction. Man, was I fuming!

The next day at work the 20 somethings were taking about it. One of them said well you should have just changed the channel when the dancers came on. I explained to him that we had done that but that when we checked to see if the show was over that was when we got assaulted with Justin and Janet playacting that scene. He looked surprised because he hadn’t thought of the fact that we did eventually want to see the rest of the Super Bowl and would have to check back. At least it gave him something to consider next time he flippantly suggests just changing the channel.

So I know where you are coming from.

Someone at work said they tried to keep it tuned to Food Network (they weren’t Catholic, so EWTN didn’t sit well with them). One day they turned it on without glancing at the screen, and their 14-year-old son said “Whoa!” in that unmistakable tone of voice (you know the one) and she looked up in time to see Giada (I forget her last name) in a plunging neckline (plunging enough to capture the attention of a 14-year-old who had orginally been waiting impatiently to get to ESPN for the NFL draft news.)

Needless to say, she’s now seriously considering EWTN… Catholicism is less stimulating (to a 14-year-old boy, I guess) than Food Network hotties! :shrug:

Theres hope for you yet, Chicago…:smiley:

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