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Monday, July 09, 2007
Bible History Monday #8

This weekend we read Chapter 7 from An Understandable History of the Bible…

Chapter 7 gets right to the point:

“It is necessary to salvation that every man should submit to the Pope.” (Boniface VIII Unum Sanctum, 1303.)

“For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.” Ephesians 2:8, 9.

Here lie two totally contradictory statements. They cannot both be correct. The one which you believe will depend on which authority you accept.

As we’ve discussed previously, the corrupted line of ancient Bible manuscripts is the line we are referring to as the Alexandrian Line. Chapter 7 alerts us to the information that not only was the Alexandrian line corrupted, but it became even more so:

Rome received the corrupted Local Text of Alexandria, Egypt and further revised it to suit her own needs. Some scholars call this revision the “Western” text. This, of course, makes it part of the already corrupted text and, therefore, still contains the Local Text readings. This text suited the Roman Catholic Church well, since it attacked the doctrines of the Bible. Rome is wise. To attack salvation by grace directly would expose her plot to all. So instead she used subtly. The Roman Catholic Church strips Jesus Christ of His deity, separates the divine title “Lord” and “Christ” from the human name Jesus, having the thief on the cross address Him as “Jesus” instead of “Lord” (Luke 23:42). It also removes the testimony to His deity in Acts 8:37, and it eliminates the Trinity in I John 5:7.

You may ask, “Would not a weakening of the place of Jesus Christ weaken the Roman Catholic Church’s reason for even existing?” The answer is “No.” The Roman Catholic Church does not even claim to represent the gospel of Jesus Christ. Romanist Karl Adam admits this: “We Catholics acknowledge readily, without any shame - nay with pride - that Catholicism cannot be identified simply and wholly with primitive Christianity, nor even with the Gospel of Christ.”

This chapter also does a beautiful job of describing the reformation. And beyond.

In 1522 Luther’s New Testament came on the scene, then in 1545:

the Roman Catholic Church formed the Council of Trent. The Council of Trent systematically denied the teachings of the Reformation. The Council decreed that “tradition” was of equal authority with the Bible. It decreed also that justification was not by faith alone in the shed blood of Jesus Christ. In fact, it stated that anyone believing in this vital Bible doctrine was cursed. The Council’s exact words are: “If anyone saith that justifying faith is nothing else but confidence in the divine mercy which remits sins for Christ’s sake or that this confidence alone is that whereby we are justified, let him be anathema.”

In this chapter we are also introduced to the Jesuits, which was founded by Ignatius Loyola in 1534. What was the purpose of Jesuits? They were:

extremely loyal to the Pope, who would set about to undermine Protestantism and “heresy” throughout the world.

Has the job of the Jesuits changed today? I think not.

Don’t forget to read of the Jesuit’s black pope in this chapter as well.

This chapter is chock full of interesting information. Don’t forget to read all about the “Gunpowder Plot” as well.

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Swylv said…

(Continued on next post…)

Why do people believe this stuff???:confused:


Swylv said…
{I found this interesting. You can really see the Hand of YHWH in HIS preserving HIS Word.}

{the part where the catholic church was trying to “rewrite” history…reminds me
of the E.U. trying to say the Holocaust (Jews, disabled, homosexuals, all killed…wonder why the sin crazy world today would like to cover up the last group…) didn’t happen.}

I liked this paragraph:
The Roman Catholic Church has long been antagonistic to the doctrine of salvation by grace. If salvation is by grace, who needs “mass?” If salvation is by grace, who needs to fear purgatory? If Jesus Christ is our mediator, who needs the Pope? If the Pope cannot intimidate people into obeying him, how can he force a nation to obey him?

{reminds me of a movie I watched day before yesterday called Ultra Violet…the bad guy was planning on infecting people so they would continue to remain dependent on him…have to tie a porkchop around your neck just to get the dog to play with you joke come to anyone else’s mind but mine? LOL}

{Also I seen the 1604 KJV version and it has those “extra written originally in greek” books
but was placed in between the OT and NT and remained in print that way til the 1820’s…so
makes ya think anyway.}

6:32 PM
Allison said…
Hi Candy - I wonder if you could give me some advice. I live with my mother who is a non practicing Catholic but who believes that all religions go to the same god and my father is an athiest and we constantly get in arguments because of my faith in Jesus Christ. I am getting married to a great Christian guy from a Christian family - all on fire for the Lord - and my parents are very against us getting married because of our faith and believe that we are “over the top” and refuse to be a part of a wedding that will be all about Jesus (which is how we want it to be! - It isnt a day about us, its about He who brought us together). They hate my fiance and he never comes around here because they always insult him - well you get the picture. Anyway, is it wrong for us to go ahead and get married without their blessing or attendance knowing full well they will never want to be a part of my life afterwards? My fiance and I have prayed heavily about this and we KNOW that we are designed by God to be together and we believe that God wants us to pursue our marriage because of our passion for Him - yet the 10 Commandments say to honor your mother and father but Jesus said that we need to go against those who stand in our way of our love for Him. So what should I do? We have tried talking with them on many occasions and they are convinced they are right and are not even remotely willing to hear us out. Brians parents are completely supportive of us and love us dearly and also confirmed to us that God has told the that we are meant to be together as well. Any advice would be awesome. Thank you in advance!

In His service
(e-mail address deleted)

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