An update on Money Coach/Budgeting


DH and I met with our money coach last week and let me tell you, it was the very best thing we ever did. We were both overwhelmed by all of our debt and we thought he would give us little hope. On the contrary, we all sat down-3 hours!- and took things step by step and we were thrilled to find out that if we make just a few small changes, we will have everything paid off in about 30 months-maybe sooner. DH has also decided to pick up a second job. He’s a teacher and usually has summers off, My brother is upper mgt for a video store chain and got him a job starting now for just 2 nights a week and then he’ll work 4 nights in the summer. perfect. I’ll be home by 4:30 to stay with DD and my folks will help as well. We both feel so blessed that this service exists and we are even more thrilled that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We’ve been tracking all of our spending for the past week, and it’s amazing. I would strongly suggest that EVERYONE meets with a Crown Money Coach! They are so very helpful. . We meet again in early March. twk


Please keep the updates coming–I know exactly the program you’re speaking of, and my hubby and I have been on a better path, as well…just from listening to a few of his lectures on the radio! Good luck to you–I am so proud of you and your husband–and you sound so peaceful and happy about your progress!

Great work, and looking forward to more updates!:bounce:


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