An update on my whole situation


Hi Everyone! :grouphug: :wave:

I just wanted to update everyone. A lot of people don’t know my story so it will be pretty long and well I think it is worth reading.

Let me start from the beginning

I was ‘born’ catholic literally! I was born January 28th 1981 and baptized Febuary 18th 1981. and grew up catholic. I LOVED IT! but of course I still had many questions. At one time I wondered what it was like to be Jewish :blush:

Anyway when I was confermined I KNEW I made my choice. I grew up in a hard life. My brother was in and out of prison and about 4 years ago he ran away again fell and had a brain injury. I KNEW God made him stop his bad ways and he became my brother

But everyone must understand I always had a brother but one that wasn’t around and when he had an accident he died and was reborn. If I know one thing there is a GOD

I have always suffered from depression. When my grandma died when I was 11 it was the time I knew life would never be the same (think Vada in the movie My Girl) She was the rock I needed in my disfunctional life. She had alzhimers so bad But I knew she knew who I was and loved me.

Fast forward to around 2003 when Elizabeth smart was kidnapped and found. I thought it was a maricle. I found out she was Mormon so I decided to take a chance and see what her church was about. No lie after Sacrment meeting I had a meeting with the missionaries. One of the missionaries was super cute and we really hit it off (as friends) and well just before my baptism he left and I felt like “oh no what am I doing!”

I got baptized anyway and 3 weeks later filed to get my name removed. During all of this my parents had printed at least a ream of paper on how horrible Mormonism is. I know we are taught that it is bad to look at anti so I didn’t.

So fast forward I went happily back to the Catholic Church then I found out my friend Holly was gonna join the church because she was taking discussions with me.

I tried to give her all the info I knew and told her not to make the same mistake I made. It was to late she secretly was baptized.
I was going to go to Silver lake college in the fall and on the first day of the school year I said I couldn’t go because I needed a year off of school. Its really because I was studing with the missionaries. Oh how I cried in that car like I was dying. like a part of me was dying. I never went to a Catholic Grammer School so going to a Catholic College seemed nov 2006 I was baptized again lead me to my feb 2007 leaving of the church. actually it was more like dec but it took a while to get my name removed. I have learned ALL I can about how horrible the LDS church is.

I have tons of mormon friends and one said I should talk to the bishop before I talk to him. Holly is the reason I believe I keep wanting to go back she is a childhood friend. I worry for her if it has affected me in a few months what will it do in years

and oh Ya A Pac if your reading the moment i said I was leaving they blamed ME for never calling them and distancing myself and that is Not true. why don’t you go to and see how HURT people are

So I figured Tonight as I prayed :gopray2: :byzsoc: :signofcross: :gopray: and listed to Catholic/ Christian music that I could only truly be Catholic. Not because its what I grew up with but because its what I believe with all my heart.

I feel bad for Mormons because they only like numbers and to them thats all I am. Hitler did it to the jews only they have PERMENT scares

By the way I have also went to the synogoge where I must say they treat people with so much respect and never ask you to join. Its funny how Mormons and JW are the ones that really PUSH you in.

I think it is a cult. I read up a lot on cults and mormonism really fits the bill.

So please don’t worry everyone I’m gonna stay Catholic and I’m gonna go to Silver Lake college in Fall for theology my one dream come true :slight_smile:

Patty Pryor

Hey just so you all know my name comes from a show American Dreams with a Catholic Family. The first seasons on DVD (try walmart) I’m sort of like Patty with a lot of issues its fun to watch


Hey there,
Im glad you decided to stay catholic.
There is so much fulfillment in being a catholic.
Everyone has different reasons why it is great to be a catholic, but i think we can all agree one of the main reasons is because its the religion Jesus created for us.
He died for our sins, now if that isnt love, i dont know what is!
All the best, we are here for you.
God bless you


God be praised for bringing you through this storm, Patty! :hug1:


Good for you!!! I’m so glad your staying Catholic!:thumbsup:


Good job. It takes a lot to leave one religion for another. At least you knew enough to go back to the Catholic Church.

By the way, I figured that’s what your name meant. I love that show. I’m Patty, too, but it’s because of my smarts.


Pray, pray, and pray - it will strengthen your faith.:slight_smile:

God bless you, Patty.


Hang in there. Our faith is a journey and one which is not complete by simply choosing where and how we will worship. It is normal to find roadblocks on your path and at times question your faith. It takes a lot of guts to continue on sometimes. But continue on you must. Anyone who would say that their faith has always been steadfast would be a liar.

Your statements are heartfelt, for certain. I am concerned that your remarks do not indicate a decision previously to give the LDS a try which reflected true discernment with the help of God. Faith is not based upon emotion and I suggest you put on some ‘hip boots’ and take the plunge into a more prayerful life less dependent upon people and more dependent upon God. Try retreats (your parish can point you in the right direction), read literature by the Saints (see the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius on DVD/CD), ask other faithful Catholics what they do to energize their prayer lives.

Many people here are praying for you and I’m pleased that it sounds like you’re back on track. Peace be with you!



Thanks be to God!


I worshiped among Anglicans for a few years myself before I came back home. Three things were quite clear: It was a mistake to leave, I was nothing but welcome back home, and it’s great to be back.

Never mind the first item – that’s past history. But the last two items apply to all who come back home. Enjoy yourself now that you’re back. You have every reason to.




I’m glad you’re staying Catholic. First and foremost, keep Jesus in your heart. It’s all about Him. Second, Jesus created the Catholic Church so that there would be no confusion. Jesus said “If you love me, do as I say”. Here and no other place is the Eucharist. Remember this, and the apostolic succession. And for encouragement, read about the Divine Mercy. Take care, and best wishes :hug1:.


This is terrific news.

If you don’t mind my asking, do you have a good solid Catholic reading list this summer?

Would you care for some suggestions that might help you to grow in your understanding of the Catholic Faith, and why being Catholic is so important?


dure a reading list would be wonderful



Best of luck to you. I did, however, want to make one comment:

I feel bad for Mormons because they only like numbers and to them thats all I am. Hitler did it to the jews only they have PERMENT scares

To compare LDS Church and its converts to Hitler and Jewish Holocaust Victims, simply because they (in your view) are considered “numbers,” is pretty ridiculous and inflammatory–the last I checked, the church doesn’t slaughter its converts. That being said, regardless of your desire to join Catholicism, Mormonism, Islam, etc.concerning the high regard of emotional flamboyancy in your aforementioned posts, I would take a seirous step back and take a couple breaths. To justify any such step on precarious and fallacious notions is worrisome at best.

As I said, whatever notion you have about the LDS church that is so remarkably negative, I daresay you have done little study on its truths. Moreover, I would happily take each concern one at a time in the public forum. There is nothing that I am ashamed of concerning the truthfulness of the LDS church, and would be happy to show it to you.

Now that you’ve done your study, let’s put it to the test. As long as everyone stays respective, objective, and on topic, I’m happy to discuss while time permits.

Best of luck always,
A Pac

P.S. While baptized LDS, you clearly never were converted:
“One of the missionaries was super cute and we really hit it off (as friends) and well just before my baptism he left and I felt like “oh no what am I doing!””

It is ashame.


Catholicism And Fundamentalism
by Karl Keating

Faith of Our Fathers
James Cardinal Gibbons

Suprised By Truth
edited by Pat Madrid

Suprised By Truth II
edited by Pat Madrid

Rome Sweet Home
Scott Hahn


it ashame because I left the LDS church let me tell you something ....

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness
     and all these things shall be added unto you,
     allelu, aleluia.

  Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word
     that proceeds from the mouth of God,
     allelu, aleluia.

  Ask, and it shall be given unto you, Seek, and ye shall find.
     Knock, and the door shall be opened unto you,
     allelu, aleluia.

We walk by faith, and not by sight;
No gracious words we hear
From Him Who spake as man ne’er spoke;
But we believe Him near.
We may not touch His hands and side,
Nor follow where He trod;
But in His promise we rejoice,
And cry, “My Lord and God!”

Help then, O Lord, our unbelief;
And may our faith abound,
To call on Thee when Thou art near,
And seek where Thou art found.

That, when our life of faith is done,
In realms of clearer light
We may behold Thee as Thou art,
With full and endless sight.

sorry i'm not changing my mind at all 


Do not be ashamed of me a pod but for yourself.

please answer us why do you visit this forum so often if you are not Catholic?


Thanks for the list I LOVE the suprised by truth books they made 11 so far and I believe the 2nd has the mormon convert. All the stories are wonderful!


Come back to me
With all your heart
Don’t let fear
Keep us apart
Trees do bend
Though straight and tall
So must we to other’s call
Long have I waited for your coming
Home to me and living
Deeply our new life

The wilderness
Will lead you
To your heart
Where I will speak
Integrity and justice
With tenderness
You shall know


You shall sleep
Secure with peace
Will be your joy


Don’t y’all just LOVE this song!


PattyPrior, I know Congress has decided against reviving the fairness doctrine, but let me tell you my story: Raised Catholic, converted to Mormon when I was in college and stayed with it, over the objections of my parents. I read the Book of Mormon, cover to cover. Prayed and fasted about what I read. No missionaries. By the time I finally met with them about 4 months later, I was baptised the same week. Never doubted and never looked back. Never wanted to be a Catholic again! Out of respect for faithful Catholics, I won’t go into the details why.

I believe that you can serve God as either a Catholic or as a Mormon.

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