Analogy for the Proof of God

Is this analogy for the proof of God I wrote any good? Thanks for your help.

“Stories, whether one, many, or an infinite number of them, whether infinitely long or of finite length, cannot be written unless an author writes them. Likewise, the universe, whether having infinite space and time or finite space and time, cannot exist unless the act of being, which actually exists, gives it the ability to exist.”

Is this provable? It contains a lot of assumptions.

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Well, the Creation NEEDS a Creator, else its NOT a creation

At best it’s warm and fuzzy language for those already convinced, I don’t think it would be convincing to many unless they already believe. Honestly the universe benefits from being huge and vast and thus would seem to require a ‘big’ explanation. I’d be curious to hear a good analogy as to why say a rock laying on the beach needs a designer. I think if you could give a good reason for that you’d have a much stronger argument as it would apply to everything ‘bigger’ than it.

There are planets that are only gas and no crust so no rocks. The question is how did a rock get here? there are processes involved, crystalline structures, magma, tectonics, weathering, etc. To me, it points to creative forces that started the process. But nothing will convince skeptics of course.

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There’s a small rock on the dark side of a tiny moon circling a cold and dead planet in the outer reaches of a non descript galaxy containing nothing of interest in a part of the universe which expanded past the point where it would be forever impossible to access before our earth was even formed. The black hole at the centre of this galaxy will eventually suck in all matter into itself and nothing will remain.

‘All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small.
All things wise and wonderful,
The Lord God made them all’.

I used to sing that as a kid. And I was interested in astronomy from an early age. So I started wondering exactly what all that ‘out there’ was for. Why did He make it? Then I discovered that some of it had already dissapeared. That it was outside the observable universe and would always remain there.

It still remains a complete mystery why it was there at all. It was like being told that there is a whole world out there to be explored but you can’t leave the house. All you can do is look out of the window. It made no sense when I was a kid and decades later it still doesn’t.

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Its a decent analogy but I think what is missing is that, if a book didn’t have an author (whether known or unknown) the book simply wouldn’t exist since nobody wrote it. But we have no definitive knowledge that would tell us for fact that the universe works the same way and requires an author/creator of it. Therefore, this is an interesting thought experiment but it isn’t a proof.

You might enjoy this debate on God’s existence which uses multiple philosophical arguments and analogies that might help strengthen your own example. It is a debate moderated by Matt Fradd and the two participants are Trent Horn and Alex O’Connor:

DEBATE: God’s Existence - Trent Horn Vs. Alex O’Connor

God is proved by his creation, any form of love, and countless scriptures. Also His Church.

What are you contrasting it to? What would a universe without a creative force behind it look like?

The following is just a collection of words to challenge the mind to think.

Can there be a truth so great, that possibly even God could do nothing greater?

Here is a childlike and yet profound way to test the power of the greatest commandments; when looking for a purpose for the creation of the universe and life.

Before the creation of the universe began, imagine God the Father, Son and Holy spirit looking out into the vast empty void of space. They are thinking, we have the power to create anything we want, what is the greatest good thing that we can create?

God could create all the stars and planets and be the supreme builder. He could create plants; and be the unsurpassed gardener. God could create the animal kingdom; and be the best farmer. God could create children in his own image and be the greatest father. Can God create anything greater than children in his own image?

God could love each and everyone of his children as he loves himself. Could God love us more than he loves himself?

Could there be any greater purpose for God to create the universe and life?

We cannot love God as we love ourselves, because that would bring God down to our level, so we have the greatest commandment to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. If God loves everyone as he loves himself, we are given the second greatest commandment to do likewise.

Did the greatest commandments have a greatest meaning for God first, before he gave them to us?

Why did God say these commandments are the greatest?

In a way, God loves us more than he loves himself, because he was willing to do what was good for us but not good for him (send his Son to die). In a sort of contradicting way, God loves himself more than us, because he knows that he is the greatest being in the universe and retains the power of heaven or hell over us.

We can marvel at the great attention to detail that is evident in everything from the microscopic cells of life and right up to the giant structures of galaxies. Can you find any greater purpose for all this to exist? Challenge the above statements in your mind in an honest way, test them against any religious beliefs, and test them against any form of logic.

When you ask the question; why did Christ say they are the greatest commandment, can it possibly be because Jesus - God can do nothing greater?

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Imagine being a father whontells his children he has made something for them.

‘Where is it?’
‘It’s out of sight’.
‘What does it do?’
‘Nothing that will affect you’.
‘Is it useful?’
‘Not in the slightest’.
‘But what is it?’
‘You’ll never know’.
‘So we’ll go and get it’.
‘It’s forever out of reach’.
‘Hang on…you said you made this for us?’
‘Why else would I make it?’

Why else?

To me that is an impossibility. The universe cannot create itself.

I always argued that there’s no way God loves himself more than us.


But can there be just one greatest purpose to make the universe and life?

Can God love each and everyone of us as he loves himself?

Saint Thomas argues otherwise…

In his treatise on the One God, he ponders about God’s love by dealing with four questions:

  • Whether love exists in God?

  • Whether He loves all things?

  • Whether He loves one thing more than another?

  • Whether He loves more the better things?

Basically, the answer is yes to all of them.

On the other hand, no one else loves us more than God does (hence the Passion). And this is enough for us to love Him back above all else.

To make food, you need a good cook.

Without a cook, you cannot make food.

You’re responding to a post I never made. Can you respond to the one that I did make?

I get what you’re going for, another form of the ‘book needs an author’ analogy, but I think book works better because there’s lots of food you can make without being a ‘good’ cook, and there’s plenty of food that requires no cook at all.

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