Analysis: How the Washington Post is Opening the Path to Use the Pope Against the Catholic Church

What would the position of Catholic adoption agencies be to a single woman wanting to adopt?

I don’t know. But single women are not presumably living in an intrinsically disordered situation. I think that the agencies would prefer placement with a family having a mother and a father.

Now, due to the Pope’s statement, whatever its meaning, we will be faced with secular agencies using the Pope to argue against the Church.

I did some checking and found this:

‘Single parents are eligible to become adoptive applicants for some programs. Catholic Charities Counseling and Adoption Services understands that a good home can be provided by a single parent.’

Doesn’t that contradict the claim in the article that a father and mother is the only situation that should be considered?

It seems odd to me that an agency could say that a single mother is fine but two wouldn’t be allowed.

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No, a same sex couple would not be appropriate.

What about single men wanting to adopt?

The Catholic adoption agency referred to by the prior poster has one paragraph allowing for consideration of single mothers. It says nothing about single fathers or single men.

I understand the Church’s teaching about homosexual sex. But as I understand it the Church also teaches that sex involving the use of what the Church calls ‘artificial’ contraception is also ‘intrinsicly disordered’. If this is correct, should adoption also be denied to couples who use such contraception?

I don’t operate an adoption agency. You would have to ask the particular agency in question. Every adoption agency has a method of evaluating adoptive parents. I will note that several Catholic adoption agencies have shut down rather than accede to the State’s requirement that they accept same sex parents.

The article said this:

‘…the pope’s long-standing opposition to gay marriage is, in part, motivated by his basic Catholic understanding that children should have both a mother and a father’.

Which seems to contradict Catholic agencies conditions.

It doesn’t mention gender. It says ‘single parent’. That includes men or women.

I think the interview was in 2019 and H.H. Pope Francis was referring to the right of gay people to be accepted into their own families.

Yes, it does say single parent. But the ideal adoptive family will have a mother and a father. The agency you cited did not rule out single parents, although that may be not be the norm.

But I reiterate, the Pope’s statement will likely lead to more State discrimination against Catholic adoption agencies.

I hope you are right. But the comments have already caused consternation among many concerned Catholics.

So you think that two women would be a worse situation than one.

I think it would clarify matters if the argument was ‘Homosexuals shouldn’t be allowed to adopt’ as opposed to ‘a mother and a father should be the only option’. Clearly that second requirement isn’t considered by at least some Catholic adoption agencies so we can discount it.

And I think that you have the last sentence the wrong way around as far as a lot of people would see it. I think a lot of people would see the pope’s comments as perhaps a means to end discrimination by the agencies.

Catholic adoption agencies, will not, I pray, ever cave in to homosexual adoption. They would thereby cease to be Catholic.

So let’s cut out all this business about ‘it should be a man and a woman’. That argument doesn’t fly. It’s only based on sexual preference.

So the reporters must take responsibility and the readers also have responsibility:


2477 Respect for the reputation of persons forbids every attitude and word likely to cause them unjust injury.278 He becomes guilty:
- of rash judgment who, even tacitly, assumes as true, without sufficient foundation, the moral fault of a neighbor;

And the speaker must also take some responsibility. I’m not assuming any moral fault of the pope. I’m just not sure whether he really supports civil unions. I know the Church does not.

I asked if they ‘should’ not whether you do at your adoption agency.

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