Analysis: The pope and Hitler Youth [GlobalPost]

The current Vatican crisis offers a teaching moment for this pope to directly address the enormity of the evils of Nazi Germany.

… Father Berger … remembered much of the detail of those early teenage years when he and Joseph Ratzinger were confirmed as Catholics and when he rejected Hitler Youth and he saw his classmate accept membership.

When I asked him why he thought Ratzinger obeyed the rules and joined the Hitler Youth, Berger replied: ''You could ask the majority of Germans this question. There was such high pressure on everyone. He was too young to do a conscious resistance."…

And for this German pope, a more clear act of “conscious resistance” to denying the Holocaust is now required. He should immediately excommunicate Williamson again and end the ambiguity.

This pope has a unique teaching moment in which he can openly discuss how he feels about his own moral failings as a young man in not challenging the enormity of evil that was Nazism…

Why would Ratzinger have been “too young” to resist when someone of the same age (14), Berger, resisted? I agree with this journalist that the pope should more openly discuss “his own moral failings as a young man” as part of responding more forcefully to the SSPX crisis.

There’s a lot more in the analysis which gives historical context to current events.

Old inacurate news. Been discussed time and time again.

But we Catholics can thank you for reminding us how NON-CATHOLICS twist old news when they post here.

Unlike someone like Günter Grass (born in the same year), who hid his teenage membership of the Waffen SS for 60 years, he’s never concealed the fact that he went along with other boys of his age, joining the HJ and being a child soldier ‘Flakhelfer’.

While I’d absolutely agree that Germans of that generation, especially one in such an elevated situation, should be clear about what happened, holding this business over him is really, really stretching for things to be critical about.

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