Analysis: Tucker Carlson's attempt to smear senator who lost both legs in

tucker a completely classless individual. expect more of the same as he tries desperately to disparage anyone not pro trump. any other words, what else is new


Duckworth claimed Trump’s speech was racist. According to Duckworth’s logic, Jackie Robinson is a “dead traitor”.

Very good for Tucker to stand up against this nasty attiude!


As a veteran myself, I don’t love it when people imply that veterans are somehow above criticism. If he disagrees with Sen. Duckworth, he doesn’t have to hold back from saying so just because she’s a vet.


What does her loss of her legs have to do with anything? We are to view our fellow humans as our equals, because they are. Is she immune because she is a veteran? Because she is a woman? Because she lost her legs? No, she is not. as a USAF veteran, I have seen lost of bad opinions and ideas from fellow veterans, and have said as much. They likely disagree with what I believe. Our prior-military status has nothing to do with anything in this regard.


Indeed. I agree…Tucker and Trump had no military service and their opinions are Often as off base As they claim the opinions of vets are.

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I cannot thank Duckworth the veteran enough. The loss of her legs was an extraordinary price for her to pay.

But just as with John McCain and Dan Crenshaw, that does not make Duckworth the politician beyond criticism.

What Duckworth the politician did was definitely not a good idea. That she is complicit with the media in using the loss of her legs to smear everyone back is an execrable look.


True. Prior to them, Obama and Clinton certainly proved that one need not be a veteran to sound like a fool or say dumb things. Not sure why anyone would invoke a veteran’s status one way or another.

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good point. the suffering one goes thru with bone spurs is nearly equivalent.

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Actually, that’s not true.


Actually, its quite true.

I’ve watched him for years, so no it isn’t.

I’ve watched him for years also, but it only takes about 3 episodes of his show to realize it is quite true.

There you go. A discussion of opinions. Neither above criticism. Duckworth the Senator is not above criticism, here military service notwithstanding.

She told a bald, intentional falsehood. There was zero racist rhetoric in Trump’s speech. He praised no “dead traitors”.
If she is going to tell falsehoods, she should expect push back.


Of course she should…just as the most prolific spreader of falsehoods, who just happens to occupy the Oval Office should…it only shows the character of vets and non vets and senators and presidents are not based on past or current jobs.

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That was the last president.

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Classless is George Stephanopoulos, Don Lemon, Jim Acosta, Cecilia Vega.

Oh bull, he has a lot more class and fairness to him than most journalists parading on t.v.

Is that the word on CBC?

Nope, CBC dislikes anything to the right ergo hates Trump.

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