Anarchists threaten to disrupt Trump inauguration, police say ready


Anarchist groups have threatened to shut down Republican Donald Trump’s swearing-in as U.S. president, but police in Washington said on Friday they believe the thousands of security officers assigned to the event will be able to head off any


I am sure they will do their best to create chaos and mayhem on the day of the inauguration and will put people’s lives in danger.

praying for all the law enforcement for their safety and medical personnel and all those in attendance to view the inauguration of the 45th president.

let’s see what the weather forecast is for that day. that could change many plans!


Wasn’t there just such a threat when President Obama was planning his inaugural speeches? I’ll bet there will be plenty of security to make for a good day for those celebrating the inauguration celebrations.



Let’s get our cameras ready to roll. Just like when they attacked the TEA PARTY members 7 years ago.

Can’t wait to show everyone in the Rust Belt and in NV and CO the new face of the Democratic Party and the left of the West. :thumbsup:


There were no fake hate crimes by republicans after the 2008 or 2012 elections. In 2008 many republicans were willing to give President Obama a chance and in 2012 many of us thought the country was gone, and we were fortunate the Obama/Biden ticket was more interested in going on vacation than governing.

I don’t think we’ll be so lucky again.

But there was no rioting I am aware of.


Can anarchist have groups? Doesn’t a group denote structure and possible leadership and planning?


Anarchists aren’t Democrats. The Democratic Party isn’t very left-wing and certainly they don’t represent the beliefs of anarchists. Most anarchists are communists, for example.

Anarchists are in favour of alternative ways to structure society to the state, they don’t just want chaos and mayhem. They reject capitalism and hierarchy and most are communists, but support the running of society through workers’ councils or workers’ federations based on direct democracy or mutual association, for example.


Yes there will be plenty of security. Not only do they have numerous law enforcement agencies in the DC area but they bring in police from other places. In 2008, Philadelphia sent something like 290 police officers for the inauguration. I’m sure other big cities do likewise if required.


A common misconception is that anarchism is no government or equivalent to chaos. Anarchism is simply a very highly decentralized form of government to the point where each individual is the government (self-government). Groups will rely on consensus to come to agreements but there are no official group leaders. There is structure, just instead of a pyramid it will look closer to the N.Y. subway map.

A good example of an anarchist organization is Food Not Bombs. They don’t have leaders exactly but some will step up to do the organizing which follows the axiom “from each according to their abilities and to each according to their needs”.


George Soros,Move on .org,…


Well they would, wouldn’t they? Why is this a surprise?


Everything will depend on the police response. If they make it clear from the start that anyone committing acts of violence will be immediately arrested, then the day should go off relatively peaceful. If the police act too passively and simply secure certain areas only, while virtually surrendering the streets to the violent protesters, things will turn ugly fast.


Not even close to anarchist. Those are progressive groups. Even progressives are uncomfortable with anarchy.


I think 5000 national guardsmen too.


what makes you believe that?


Don’t anarchists’ like to stir up turmoil, chaos? If it walks like a duck,…


From MoveOn’s About Us page:

We are constantly innovating how we organize at scale and work together to win the biggest campaigns of our time— ending the Iraq War, electing Barack Obama president, enacting health care reform, and taking down the Confederate flag from the state house grounds in South Carolina.

Anarchists don’t take part in elections and don’t help people get elected. They are against the very idea of a president.

George Soros is a billionaire. Personally I think it’s impossible to be an anarchist and a billionaire. That personal opinion aside, he’s also heavily involved with the Democratic party which anarchists are against.


Not necessarily. Anarchists have been painted with that wide brush since the turn of the 20th century. Some are in favor of using violence to achieve their aims, others are pacifistic (these are the types that I’ve known, I’ve never met the violent type). Dorothy Day was an anarchist, pacifist, and practicing Catholic. She wasn’t one to let things be but I’m not sure I’d describe her actions as stirring up turmoil or chaos.

There are many different philosophies that fall under the umbrella of Anarchism. Some are individualistic and some are collectivist (Anarchist schools of thought).

Anarchism is too idealistic for me to consider myself an anarchist and I didn’t study every philosophy out there but I think they’ve influenced me in some ways, open borders for example.


Dorothy Day an anarchist?..:hmmm:


I seem to remember her being described as an anarcho-syndicalist. I don’t remember if she called herself that or if others inferred it from her writings/actions.

ETA: A funny thing about Day. She fought hard for the woman’s vote and even went to jail for it. She never voted in her life.

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