Ancient Catena Commentary on Galatians


The is a translation of an ancient catena on Galatians to be published in about a week made up of selected commentary by Chrysostom, Theodore of Mopsuestia, Severian of Gabala, and Eusebius of Emesa. The selection of commentators was done by an ancient compiler. Its an excellent commentary resource and is professionally done and a first ever English translation. I will keep you posted on its availability.


Thank you so much for producing such great materials so frequently. I think you are doing an invaluable service to the English-speaking Church.

Theodore of Mopsuestia – I think his teachings and himself personally were condemned by the Fifth Ecumenical Council. I think there was a controversy at the time because nothing he said was condemned by the Church in his time, but only by later councils. Nevertheless, I think the Fifth Ecumenical Council went ahead anyway and condemned both his teachings and himself personally. But yet I always hear him discussed very reverentially nowadays. What has changed?


Thank you for the compliment!

Ancient and Medieval compilers and catenists have quoted schesmatics and Heretics, and even apostates, yet they did it very carefully. ive seen excellent medieval commentaries and glossed Bibles use Pelagius’ commentaries quite liberally but maintain sound orthodoxy.


Here it is!


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