Ancient Christian "Holy Wine" Factory Found in Egypt

I don’t know why, but I love stories like this. From the National Geographic:

Egyptian archaeologists discovered the two presses with large crosses carved across them near St. Catherine’s Monastery, a sixth-century A.D. complex near Mount Sinai on the Sinai Peninsula.

Although the presses have not yet been conclusively dated, archaeologists believe the tools were made between the fourth and sixth centuries A.D.

The wine would have been considered to be from a holy site and used in religious ceremonies—such as the Christian Eucharist—at St. Catherine’s Monastery and abroad.

Wow, I love stories like that, too. It’s fascinating. Thanks for sharing it!

St. Catherine’s Monastery is a fascinating place and an important cultural resource. I’m surprised no one knew about the wine presses.

Wow. That is so cool! :):cool:

I wonder what they’ll think when they find the Muscadine wine factory in my basement some day?:smiley:

They will think, “That Vern, What a wine-o.” :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll leave a couple of gallons hidden away, so they’ll understand and mourn the passing of a great wino.:stuck_out_tongue:

Do you find it difficult making your own wine?

I tried once with a kit and GASP some grape concentrate in a foil baggie and it was awful.

Maybe I’ll try again. Any suggestions?

Its simple;

  1. Use glass fermentation vats (I use several gallon pickle jars.)

  2. Dissolve 6 cups of sugar in 3 quarts of water.

  3. Mix one quart of crushed fruit with your 3 quarts of sugar water.

  4. Add one packet of yeast – just sprinkle it on top of the floating crushed fruit.

  5. Seal with an air lock – I use a surgical glove stretched over the mouth of the jar, with pinholes in the fingers.

  6. Leave undisturbed for 24 hours, then stir the mixture thoroughly. Stir once a day for the following 7 days. Replace the airlock each time.

  7. Strain the mixture into jugs, and put an airlock on the jug. I use plastic apple juice or iced tea jugs. For an airlock, I use a party baloon, with a pin hole in it. Let the mixture sit for 6 weeks.

  8. Syphon the liquid out. I use a plastic 1/4" hose with a rod. The rod rests on the bottom of the jug and the mouth of the hose is above the residue in the jug. Do not disturb this sediment.

  9. Put syphoned liquid into a clean jug, with another airlock. Let it sit for as long as you like (but at least a week) to be sure fermentation has stopped.

  10. Syphon again into a clean jug and seal.

  11. Check your jugs periodically – if the sides begin to bulge, loosen the cap and allow CO2 to escape.

Thanks Vern!

I just got a mental picture of your basement! All these jugs wearing surgical gloves.

I think I’ll try one.

Are frozen fruits OK? I have a bunch of bags of blackberries and strawberries.

You should see them – the gloves will inflate. It’s spooky to see all those hands sticking up.:stuck_out_tongue:

I pick fruit (blackberries and muscadines) and freeze them in bags, taking them out as I need them (I only have so many gallon pickle jars). I crush the fruit with an oak bat, and use a straight-sided pot for the crushing – a bowl allows some fruit to escape the crusher.

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