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I was contemplating purchasing the Ancient Faith Study Bible because, unlike the OSB, the commentary is actual texts from the Fathers, as opposed to simply restating the Scriptures with a sentence or phrase from the Fathers. I love the Didache Bible (RSV), but it was composed primarily with Latin Catholics in view.

My hesitancy is that it is from a Protestant publisher and therefore missing several canonical books, including the longer Eastern canon. I’ve read a few reviews from Catholic sources online that are generally positive. The translation itself seems worthy enough, but does anyone here (especially a deacon or priest) have any experience or insight into this edition?

it runs about $34 on, i say go for it if you find that you will not be confusing yourself with that particular study bible’s world view and targeted audience. it looks like you already have a good catholic study bible, the didache bible. but if what you want is for commentary from the fathers i say get the four volume liturgy of the hours as it will reinforce your faith in god and christ’s church when you start off your day with the office of readings. you can purchase each single volume of black leather edition on the website, in case dropping around $200 in a single day is way out of reach.


The Douay-Rheims Haydock Catholic Bible is chock full of patristic quotations. I’d go for that first.

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Have you encountered the Orthodox New Testament Vol. 1 & 2?

Here is a positive review from:
In my experience, people either love this Bible for its thoroughness, or detest it for its extreme attention to detail. I happen to love it, and I use it for my daily readings.
The patristic commentary is like having a super-sermon every day. There is about as much commentary as there is Scripture, and it really makes difficult passages come alive, especially in volume two, where St. John Chrysostom and others guide you through Paul’s difficult language.
The translation is hair-splittingly accurate, which negatively affects readability. However, it’s the only Bible I’ve ever seen that properly translates verses like Rom. 5:12 and I Cor. 3:15, which are often misunderstood and used to justify erroneous doctrines such as genetic guilt (original sin) and purgatory.
Because the translation often reflects Greek idiom and is minimally interpretive, I would recommend a cursory knowledge of Koine Greek to a reader of this translation.

At $40-$45 per volume, the NT is not cheap…
I got mine when they were still $35/vol…
I like it a lot…

No Old Testament…


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