ancient gospel found in turkey predicting mohammad?

I recently came across this

I think it is either a modern or ancient fake. Has the vatican or a scholar examined it and carbon dated it?

I hadn’t heard about this before; and I sure didn’t need to!

I’d say it’s a fake.

The text has one huge problem :

It contradicts Islamic teaching. The text claims that Jesus said muhammad is the messiah while Islam teaches Jesus is the messiah. So the text contradicts the quran and hence muslims can’t even vouch for the authenticity of this manuscript. Bare in mind that it also dates back to the 16th century from the looks of it.

The text also has the problem of being in the wrong alphabet. It looks to be Arabic, yet claims to be Aramaic. Also, the Arabic alphabet (which this seems to be in) didn’t even come about until the last 4th century.

Facts on the alphabets gotten from Wikipedia, but still. Nice try, but you used an anachronistic writing system

The bottom line is that it contradicts the infallible teachings of the Church, f.ex. treating Christ as a human being, rejecting the Blessed Trinity, etc. and there’s no need for any scholar from the Holy See to officially comment - it is ipso facto erroneous.

This is nothing new, scholars have known about it for centuries, it’s no more theologically significant than the Gospel of Judas or the Gospel of Thomas.

Is this text actually the gospel of barnabas? The turkish authorities claimed it was without any experts examining it. Furthermore they claimed it wad from 500ad and preislamic without having carbon dated it.It seems to be very unsubstantiated. Even to examine a photocopy costs 1 million dollar so we cant even see it. Also would preislamic arabs really write in gold ink? I doubt it. we have no preislamic manuscripts.I think it is a medieval forgery. It looks to be in too good condition to be 1500 years old. The vatican wanted to examine it. Have they? I cant find any info on their findings.

Even if everything seemed to indicate that it was written in the exact place and time where Barnabas was living, it could not possibly be the gospel of a follower of Christ if it contradicts what the others apostles wrote :shrug: Truth doesn’t contradict truth :shrug:

Interesting thing is that this Gospel is claimed to be written by Branabas (disciple of jesus , who lived in first century AD) in modified east syriac alphabets which is originated in 4th century AD. How come that possible?.

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