Ancient liturgy to be prayed for first time since Reformation


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One of our Legion of Mary Auxiliaries in the UK sent me this article:

Walsingham: Ancient liturgy to be prayed for first time since Reformation

Jul 30th, 2018
By: Antonia Moffatt

‘Walsingham’s Darkest Hour: The King’s Pleasure that the Priory should be dissolved.’ is the title of a talk which will be given by Fr Michael Rear on Saturday 4 August 2018, at Walsingham about the dissolution of the ancient Priory on its 480th anniversary.

The Talk is in the Orangery at the Anglican Shrine at 2pm, followed by Vespers of the Compassion of Our Lady in the Anglican Shrine Church at 3.30pm. At 4pm there will be a Procession through the Knights Gate into the Priory Grounds for an Act of Reparation for the dissolution. At 4.30pm a Procession will then take place from the Priory Grounds to the Elmham House Gardens where there will be Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament.

The Feast of the Compassion of Our Lady is a rare and beautiful Marian feast found only in the liturgies of medieval Walsingham. This will be the first time this Liturgy will have been prayed since the Reformation.

Article printed HERE from ICN (Independent Catholic News) picture is included in article. What a joy to read how God continues to bring Jesus into our world through Mary! :slight_smile:


I hope they will pray the liturgy more and more. I would love to attend it sometime (although if it is Anglican, perhaps I should not). I’m on the wrong side of the pond for this weekend though.


Dear Tis_Bearself,

The fact that they are having a Procession after the liturgy into the Priory grounds for an an Act of Reparation for the dissolution, makes me wonder if the Lord is leading them “home”. :slight_smile:

I’ll see if I can find out more about Fr Michael Rear. Perhaps there will be another article with excerpts from his talk on " ‘Walsingham’s Darkest Hour: The King’s Pleasure that the Priory should be dissolved." Thanks for your reply.


It’s not unusual for Catholics and Anglicans to pray together at Walsingham, starting in either the Anglican Shrine or Catholic Shrine and then processing to the other.


Perhaps they’ll have one of our Ordinariate priests offer it.


Ordinariate would be the best of both worlds.


I know many a Catholic who has worshipped at the Anglican Holy House thinking they were in a Roman Catholic Church . :smile:


Thanks , Rob, Tis_Bearself, DignumEtJustum, and AngelusDomini,

I really appreciate your replies. I wrote to my frined in the UK about the priest who is giving the talk. My friend is a very busy business man in the UK but hopefully he will give me any helpful info he can.

I tried to do a little research last night and found some parish bulletins online who were announcing this really beautiful and historic event which i posted in the OP from the Independent Catholic News website. That CIN site is interesting in itself - if you’ve had time to browse - on how it began and continues. :slight_smile:


This may help all of us – my friend from the UK answered my e-mail asking him to help me clarify the issues and he replied:

It’s muddled, as there is also an Anglican shrine at the same location, and my understanding is that it is a bigger facility hence the talk will be held at the Anglican site and that he is a retired Catholic priest.

This is the link to the Catholic shrine, which I have ‘opened’ to the page about the talk:

It is clearly endorsed by those at the Catholic shrine, being on their website.

Anglo Catholics are “high church” Anglicans and in most respects, are practically in the Roman rite:

The ‘low church’ of Anglicanism is a train wreck. They try to be all things to all people; be trendy; and to my mind, do not follow many of the tenets of the Christian faith. Henry VIII’s dissolution of the monasteries was an act of religious and cultural barbarism of the first order. He was worse than Genghis Khan, because the latter was a pagan and knew no better.

I hope this helps clarify.


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