Ancient Polytheism


Are there any groups out there who still follow Egyptian or Sumerian polytheism? I know of the classic Norse pagans, but have never heard of any groups going way back into the religious closet, so to speak.


There are pagan groups that use the Egyptian pantheon.
There are small pagan groups in the Middle East that are seeking to reconstruct ancient Caananite pantheons.


I’ve lost touch, but twenty years ago, there was a group in the city where I lived who called themselves Sumerians.

Threw great parties, very festive.


Yep,…the reconstructed pagan religion of ancient Egypt is often called Kemetism.


Yes. Unfortunately I’ve been among these people for some time. And there are powerful ones who use their money and influence to push their pagan religions through music and tv.


Egypt and Sumeria? Maybe not, but the Hindu faith is considering polytheistic, and is very ancient and is still growing.


But Hinduism never really died out like some of these religions did. The neo-pagans are reconstructing these faiths. The old ancient pagan religions developed organically within each community they served. Egypt’s pantheon of gods and goddesses were slightly different than say, the Norse religion. But today in the US, there are a growing number of self-identified Heathens who follow Odin. They often pick and choose what parts of the religion they like.


I personally know these egyptian (“kemetic”) polytheist circles, based in the US, with some strains in europe. A friend of mine is an egyptologist and checked them out out of interest and he tooked an online corse with their priestess.
Basically, nonsense, as they didn´t even used the correct calendars the old egyptians used for terminating feats and offerings. The priestess sees herself as a new pharao and is parallel also ordained in a mambo cult.
Well, yeah.
To the neo-pagan nodic groups: there are many here in germany. Mostly nerds with interest in medieval fantasy, some “serious” people with a far right political view (which means in germany neo-nazism, just to make this clear) and all have one in common- they fill the lack of written sources we have about the heathen norse religions with 19th century stuff (Richard Wagner sends his greetings, here).


probably all neo nazis, given how nordic pagans are usually nazis


I find that interesting, especially given how it’s been observed that when Westerners try what they think is Far Eastern spirituality, they come up with a caricature if what Eastern spirituality really is because they’re too influenced by the Western view to actually get it. Add in the inability of authentic believers to say “Hey, you’re getting our beliefs wrong” and it makes a lot of sense that such things happen.


This man did. He is called a Satanist and I guess he was but apparently he followed Sumerian pagan practices.


Most Nordic groups are not nazis. The Asatru are conservatives and do discourage non-white members, not because they are racist but they believe each ethnicity should follow their own ethnic spiritual path. As the Asatru seek the assistance of their ancestors. An person of Asian or African descent would not be able to “connect” with the Ancestors as the Ancestors are Nordic.
White supremacists have appropriated Asatru symbols , myth, and practice but have twisted Asatru belief and promote racism.


…and there nonsense starts. Their ancestors are christians for +500 years and as the majority of them don´t live in the same danish area than 1000 years before, there is not much “connection” left.
And yes, I experienced most of the groups as racist. My husband once was close with them and left because of this, thank the lord.


The Old Ones the Asatru connect to are ancestors long distant past…Xianity is a recent development in their belief.
As I said, many racist groups have aris3n using Asatru words, beliefs but they are not Asatru…Protestants hold many Catholic beliefs, axnd use Catholic words…but aren’t Catholic.
Using a “catholicised” Protestant group to prove Catholic beliefs is never a good idea. Using non Asatru sources to discuss non Asatru beliefs seems counter productive as using Protestant sources concerning Catholic belief is as well.


Ancient polytheism, what about modern polytheism that is the same as then, just contemporary (modernized), for instance:



Kingdom of God or Magick Kingdom:


and most of that is the American stuff, not including the hyper religious of the Anime (or worse) of the east, filled with all manner of ancestral, animisitic, and so on. Or in the video game, manga, movie spheres.


As some have mentioned, you’ll find people on the “fringes” in almost any spiritual path. And then there are some who are very serious about it.

I have never heard of a group using the Sumerian pantheon, but the Egyptian pantheon, yes. Kemetism. From ‘kemet’, the Ancient Egyptian word for Egypt as pronounced in the ‘Egyptospeech’ of archaeologists and Egyptologists. Kami or Kemi is the modern Coptic word for Egypt (depending on dialect).

With regard to Ásatrú - there are many ‘groups’/‘splinters’, so to speak; just as in any spiritual path; some conservative, some more “out there” and ‘radical’. There is, by the way, an Ásatrú temple (the first in 1,000 years) is in the process of being constructed in Öskjuhlíð in Reykjavik.

Druidry uses the pantheon of the Celts.

The pantheons of Egypt and Sumeria aren’t any older than any other - just a different geographical location.


I’m not about to watch 330 minutes of YouTube. Could you summarize? Since right now I’m expecting it to be: Disney, Marvel, and DC are trying to make fictional characters worshipped as gods. Then throw in a couple examples of people going too far and trying out super powers they don’t have.


Just watch the first one. It’s short. I don’t eat for others. I serve the food, and they are free to eat or not at their leisure. Personally, I have watched everything I recommend.


Indeed, my ancestors on one side have lived in the same area for at least 500 years and I can trace them back that far. On my mother’s side though her ancestors would be from who knows where as her own mother was an orphan and died very young and how she got to Ireland is a mystery no-one has yet been able to unravel and likely never will. I believe in respect to our ancestors but I don’t believe in special spiritual paths for various ethnicities. That confuses ethnicity and faith in an odd manner.


Yes, I think this way, too.
I can go back 500 years on my grandma’s side, too, but even in Ireland this was a christianized era, so no, the strain to ancient polytheism is definately dead in most areas. It’s new age stuff.

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