Ancient ring found that belonged to Pontius Pilate, the man who crucified Jesus


“The bronze ring was discovered 50 years ago during a dig at Herodion near the West Bank’s Bethlehem by Professor Gideon Forster from the Hebrew University.”

The name Pontius Pilate was found on the ring 50 years later after a thorough cleansing.

Experts don’t doubt it was the ring of the man who ordered Jesus crucified. The name was incredibly rare at the time, and the ring would have been made for a person of stature and wealth…


Am I missing something here? :thinking: Where is a photo of the ring?


I saw the inscription on the ring. Why is there no sigma at the end?


You saw it in the link? All i saw was the photo of where they found it…


I find it odd that the sigma is missing at the end of the name here especially because Pilate is obviously masculine in Greek. Weird. Hope it’s not forged.


Looks to me like they ran out of room.



(Pilate’s attendant)“Here, sir, is your ring… the artisans have worked night and day on it, and sincerely hope you enjoy it”

(Pilate)“Idiots! You spelled my name wrong!”


I can imagine Pilate used his stamping ring on the document sentencing Jesus.


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