Ancient stamps may support biblical account of kings David and Solomon


STARKVILLE, Miss., Dec. 18 (UPI) – A team of archaeologists from Mississippi State University has found and studied a collection of ancient stamps they claim supports the biblical account of the reigns of kings David and Solomon.

Historians have suggested ancient Israel was only a collection of loosely organized tribes during the period of ancient history purportedly ruled by David and Solomon. In other words, there was no kingdom – no David and Solomon.

But in a newly detailed paper, published this week in the journal Near Eastern Archaeology, researchers argue that six ancient clay seals used for official postage confirm the existence of a more expansive political entity.


Thank you. These kind of stories add another dimension to the Biblical accounts.


So scholars are coming back to the conclusions that people who believe the Bible have long held before?

How long has this been going on?





For a moment I thought they had found some old postage stamps.


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