"...and I ask ...... ,and you my brothers and sisters, to pray for me to the Lord our God."


Do you ever actually pray for your brothers and sisters after you have recited the Confetior at Mass?

It really hit me one Sunday that I say these words but I never follow up on the requests of all those around me.

I’m still not very good at doing this at every Mass, but I’m getting there.

Anyone else ever consider this?



Not immediately after, but during the Liturgy of the Eucharist and not all the time.


I voted yes. After I voted, I realized I should have voted “sometimes”. I’m certainly not the best at praying for everyone as I should. Truth be told, I’m not good in the prayer department at all (for myself or others).


Wow - I’m really proud of folks! :slight_smile: Guess I’m the only one who never considered it until it really jumped out at me.




I have a tendency to think of the obligation the other way. :o Y’know… I sure hope that they’re praying for me

I’ll consider that an unwanted side effect of concupiscence! I will increase my efforts to pray for my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ on a regular basis!


I said “sometimes” because I am forgetful. I try to cover it, though, with my nightly prayer. I pray for those I remember to, and follow that with, “Bless and protect and be with those I forgot to pray for, and if it be the Divine will, grant their requests.”






Why ouch? :confused:



Sometimes I ask the Lord to bless the people as they go up for Communion, but I usually pray for the Church in my private prayers, so I guess I do, in a way. We also have a “prayer wall” in our vestibule and I will stop and pray for whatever requests are made, and we have a prayer list in our bulletin (usually sick people), and I say a quick prayer for the people on the list when I read the bulletin.

I bet that if you considered all the things in your parish like the ones I listed above that our parish does, you would find that you actually do pray for your brothers and sisters more than you think you do. And how many times do people mention to you that they or someone is ill, or doesn’t have a job, or other things, and you automatically say “I’ll say a prayer for you or them.” People do this all the time, and I bet you do too. You are probably praying more than you realize.:slight_smile:


You are right actually, I do do this all the time. I guess that I never considered it as “counting” because it isn’t specifically for their forgiveness. Hmmm - thank you for this perspective!! :slight_smile:



Because I haven’t been (prayng for my brothers and sisters).

This past Sunday after we recited the Confiteor, and were responding to “Lord, have mercy…Christ have mercy…Lord have mercy,” I was adding mentally, “…on my brothers and sisters gathered here with me.”



I voted that I had never thought about it before. To be honest I thought about my brothers and sisters in a prayerful way when they were mentioned during mass, but I never actually stopped to say a conscious prayer. I will start doing that now!


I voted "yes", and here's why. I also pray The Divine Office every day. Morning and Evening Prayer include the "intercessions", where we pray for others both in and out of the Church.:gopray2:


I absolutely love that prayer! :D I do pray then and after communion for my brothers and sisters in the church.


I never thought about it that way before either… maybe because I might feel like a complete hypocrite if I did that. >_>;;


I voted "yes", because it is my understanding, that when we recite the Confetior at Mass.. we are stating our intention to offer (and request) prayers during Mass, for our brothers and sisters.

But your question is a great reminder to us all, to really think about praying for each other. Thank you, liz. God bless. :)

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