And it starts...

While those of you out there are probably still dealing with Labor Day blues, here’s a bit of Filipino trivia.

Around the earlier part of September, signs of Christmas signs are already starting to appear. Just last night, I overheard the evening news with the countdown (“Only 112 days left till Christmas! 8D”)

What’s funny is that I’m not entirely as thrilled as I used to be when I was a chubby eight-year-old. I actually screamed out, “AND IT STARTS!!! DX” My fingers drummed the table while my other hand reached down into the space where my wallet is.

Most people would think that this is the fault of Christmas’ commercialization. I actually disagree. I actually think there’s no problem with paying so much just to do all those warm, fuzzy family things (dinners, gifts, preparations etc).

That moment just made me realize, perhaps I have indeed outgrown the Little Christmas Boy in me. That kid used to enjoy the age-old privilege of eating, staying up late, and getting a bit more pampered compared to other times of the year. Today, 17 years later, I’m the one now who has to do the pampering (and I’m not even married).

Like I said, I don’t really hate it. I’m just not sure it’s closer to being my favorite holiday season anymore. In fact, I’ve been leaning heavily towards the Halloween spirit more than anything else. Summer’s too much of a party animal and Valentines is… complicated.

All in all, it’s no longer a surprise to me why I see myself hanging with zombies, werewolves, ghosts, and yes, vampires (that’s right sis, I’m looking at you) compared to angels, little gnome-ish elves, and smiling snowmen.

So anyone else? I know some of my friends also feel the same. Just wondering if I can find more among CAF’s denizens. :stuck_out_tongue:

What is meant by 8D and DX??

Seriously, you are not alone. IMNAAHO, the commercial Christmas Season is made for children. That is, of course, so grownups will spend money on them.

Ever since my childhood ended, I have found the season less and less fun. The nonending romantic seasonal music is also a bummer when one is alone in that sense.

A possible antidote is to get wound up rather in the Church side of Advent, etc.


Holy week is my most favorite time for spiritual enrichment.

Of course, I do enjoy welcoming the Lord and the joy we share with one another at the special time we celebrate our Lord’s birth.

There is a time for everything and it is good when we allow the Lord to help us understand.

Look on the bright side. No matter how hard atheists and like-minded folks try to eliminate religious expression from the public, their efforts will fail so long as there is a profit to be made.

Here in L.A., if you follow the liturgical calendar of the marketplace, we are now in the Halloween season, which will continue so long as candy and costumes can be sold. Immediately after, we will enter the Christmas season.

Seriously, this is but another reason why it is good to follow the Church’s calendar. If you are able to attend Mass regularly or pray any of the Hours, you will know that Advent starts at the end of November this year. Merry Christmas!

I do think the “Christmas” hype starts too early. Thanksgiving is all but forgotten along the way, and all the early commercialization takes away from the true meaning of Christmas for me. Does anyone even remember Advent?

Christmas is about the birth of Christ, our Savior. It is not about Santa Clause, shiny toys and spending money one does not have. I long ago got over the shopping frenzy and rush. For me Advent is the best way to prepare for Christmas. The rest of it just makes retailers rich.

I tried to pick up knitting a few years ago in order to make my own Christmas presents. The knitting got abandoned, but the desire to escape the commercialism persists.

Time to turn the lights down and get your scare on!

The big difference is, in the Philippines, the season starts early because of the joy of the Christmas season… In the U.S. it’s to sell stuff!

I’m American, but lived in the Philippines, and my wife is from there. We always put up the decorations early, and take them down late! :slight_smile:

Yes, we have a lot of holidays coming up to distract us from Christmas.

There’s plenty of time for that too. :slight_smile: Advent starts Nov. 30.

That’s a surprisingly excellent point! :thumbsup: I guess that could always motivate me to save up more. :stuck_out_tongue:

Like I said, I have nothing against the commercialization of Christmas. I actually think religious folks could stand to be the more gift-giving ones. I really don’t understand why all this retailer hate when you’re still obliged to be a little more generous during Christmas.

You’re right that you can’t spend money that you don’t have. You can’t give away stuff you don’t have either. So when you take out the retailer, what are you going to give? For me, the source is kinda moot. :o I’ll just give.

I actually think there’s a lot of spiritual pride in people who refuse to give a particular thing just because it’s too ‘materialistic.’ I mean, at least I admit I’m a selfish little devil (hence, the increasing draw Halloween now has on me). Why can’t these people just say they don’t want to give? Why must they always pronounce, “Because I’m Christian, I refuse to shop and contribute to the spirit of commercialism!” (C’mon Reverend, tell me how you’re really spending your money. ;))

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