And on the seventh day Americans rested – but pass on religion, poll finds


From today’s Guardian:

The proportion of Americans who say a religious day of rest is personally important to them has dropped to 50%, reflecting growing secularism over recent decades, according to a new poll.

A similar question asked in a 1978 survey showed 74% of respondents saying the Sabbath had personal religious significance.

The new poll also showed a big fall in those saying they attended weekly religious services, from 55% in 1978 to 27% now. Jews were least likely to attend services and Mormons were most likely.

The survey was carried out by YouGov on behalf of the Deseret News, a “family-oriented” news site based in Salt Lake City. It questioned 1,691 Americans across religious, racial, gender and age groups.


Wow the 27% of respondents saying they attended a weekly service (which you’d expect would be an overstatement since it’s self identifying number), is very worrisome. I mean if you’re not attending weekly services, you’re not really actively practicing your faith regardless of what faith that is… :shrug:


Not too surprising given the secular nature of our current society.

I’m wondering whether there was any confusion between Sabbath (Saturday ) and The Lord’s Day (Sunday ).



I think in the context of this poll they weren’t differentiating.


I suspect you are right. However, I couldn’t tell from the article whether that was true or not. I know I tend to answer polls by the question explicitly asked, whether or not that is what was intended.

It’s amazing how much a “not” to “now” typo can affect ones choice. (Grin)



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