And people wonder why the divorce rate is so high


i understand a wedding is supposed to be a joyous event, but to me, it seems really disrespectful to behave this way in church. save the dancing for the reception…

wedding dance


I hate to be a prude, but I think that if this took place in a Catholic Church with the Blessed Sacrament reposed in the tabernacle, a sacrilege has taken place and the church should be rededicated and blessed and cleansed.

I will stop now before I say what I REALLY think.

Peace, Tom


Duplicate thread…

It was NOT a Catholic Church.


Seriously…? You seriously think that those who dance down the aisle have a higher divorce rate than those who do not? :rolleyes:

Lord have mercy! :rolleyes:

Sawman, it was not a Catholic church. No blessed sacrament was exposed or even there.

Non-Catholics do not have to abide by Catholic rules and regs.


It wasn’t a Catholic church and I thought it was adorable. The couple that plays together stays together.


so, i’m not advocating people be robot zombies, but i do think that this went too far. it is, after all, HOLY Matrimony. the dancing down the aisles may look fun and cute, and no it wasn’t in a Catholic church (irrelevant, IMHO), but it really takes the HOLY out of the event and makes it into more of a joke. making it into something that isn’t really HOLY is why i think the divorce rate is so high. yes, it should be a joyous time, yes, everyone should be happy, but there is a time and place, and trivializing the marriage ceremony isn’t a good way to start a marriage. might as well have gotten married skydiving or scuba diving.


:rolleyes: It IS relevant that this was not a Catholic church…Catholic rules and regs do NOT apply here. How do you KNOW the actual ceremony was not holy? We see nothing of the actual ceremony. We only saw the processional.

I think having FUN at their wedding was a great way to start their marriage!:thumbsup:

So do you know for a FACT that those who get married while scuba diving or skydiving have a higher divorce rate than those who get married in “traditional little white church” weddings? If so, please show me those stats! :rolleyes:


Although it was interesting, I would never recommend that type of interest. Now, I have entered and also seen others enter without the traditional song being played. They make it unique to them, but dancing? If they wished to dance, perhaps marrying in a night club would have been better. Again, MHO. I mean, people have married in other more unusual places.


Aw… I thought it was kind of cute… it gave me a little chuckle.

(and, btw, I consider myself much more on the conservative side of things…)

The way I look at it… I’m not here to judge them. For all I know, they could be two people who have professional careers dancing. Just a thought. Maybe it has something to do with the way they met. I’m not here to jump to conclusions and say just because they danced down the aisle of their wedding automatically means they will divorce, that their marriage will be a failure, or that they committed a huge sacrilege against a church (…Catholic or Not Catholic). They could be deeply Christian people. And they may not be. I’m sure Jesus laughs, and may have gotten a chuckle out of this. I don’t find it is my place to judge another couple on how they walked down the aisle of their own wedding. Doesn’t Paul say something judging others in Romans Ch 2 “For the standard by which you judge another you condemn yourself.” I hope I’m not quoting that wrong, or using it in the wrong context.

When we got married, our priest started his homily with “Mawwwiage” and the bishop’s entire wedding scene lines from The Princess Bride, because not only is it one of my favorite movies, it was his too. It made the day THAT much more special for us, to have our wedding “personalized.”


After looking around the CAF I think many would think the comment that Jesus laughs would be sacrilege!! Who are you people to criticize someone’s wedding saying it’s not meaningful or Holy because it’s not celebrated in the way that you would. You can’t criciticize it and say it’s liturgically incorrect because it isn’t. It isn’t a Catholic marriage.

My wife and I were married in the court house by a judge and had our marriage blessed several years later in a small ceremony in the chapel. Yeah—we’ve been married 16 years with no end in sight.

My little sister had a ROUGH time with her wedding planning due to the church wedding coordinator. Many tears were shed and unnecessary stress added because she was trying to do everything liturgically correct sometimes against the will of the church coordinator.

I just think it’s crazy that someone would bash a ceremony between two people who love each other, have friends and family who love them enough to work on a processional like that. It was probably a bigger bonding experience that many Cana courses. :rolleyes:


As an old stick in the mud, I would tend to agree with you.

HOWEVER, as I got to thinking about it this morning (on my way to a Latin Mass, no less), I remembered there was **plenty **of dancing (and drinking, apparently) at the wedding in Cana – right in front of Jesus.

So maybe we should rethink our negative responses and join in the dance as the Cananites and the Israelites before them did . . . Maybe we American Catholics are more stuffy Puritan than we like to admit . . .

Just a thought . . .


:eek: Wow. That was an eye opener. I wonder whose idea it was?


I believe that the Sacrament of marriage should have been treated with a lot more reverence and respect wherever it is celebrated. The contemporary music and lyrics AND the border-line lewdness of the dancing is over the top. Period. I don’t care about the minister’s opinion, even though it was not a Catholic ceremony. I don’t care what the celebrants thought of it either. Disrespecting a Sacrament is never O.K.

Look, there is a place for that kind of thing, it is at the reception, not the sacrament. Jesus was at the wedding in Cana, But the drinking and fun was NOT the ceremony. It was the equivelent of a modern reception. This would have made a wonderful entrance to their reception, it would be a knock-out. In the church, as part of the ceremony, NO.

Peace, Tom


This was a PROTESTANT wedding ceremony. PROTESTANTS do not consider a wedding a SACRAMENT. Therefore, in their eyes, they were NOT disrespecting a sacrament, since in their eyes, a wedding is NOT a SACRAMENT.

I agree with IrishAm…we are more stuffy and Puritan-like than celebratory!

Life is short…life is hard…celebrate with JOY when you can!!:thumbsup:


Matrimony is a Sacrament. Regardless of religion. I can’t believe we are having this conversation. I am not a killjoy, I am not a puritan, I don’t hate protestants. I SAID it was a fine thing to do AT the reception not at the ceremony! Why is it O.K. do defend disrespecting God? Even Protestants come together in the sight of God to witness their marriages.

It doesn’t make any difference what I say. There will always be someone who can rationalize anything so long as they don’t have to aknowledge the truth. What these people did " in the sight of God" at their SACRAMENT of matrimony, was improper and disrespectful to God, not me.


I’m very conservative, but I would say as it wasn’t a Catholic wedding, they were at liberty to do what they did and were right to have a great time and make the occasion much more special to both marital partners. One can really see the joy in all of them, watching that video. And there’s no “borderline lewdness”-- I really object to that suggestion.

It looked like a really delightful moment, and I’m sure that couple will always cherish it. God bless them all :slight_smile: :).


Life is too short


I was amazed. I was very moved by it in more than one way. The joy that was one their faces was marvelous.
No, it does not seem appropriate for a solumnization of a marriage. But I agree with the other poster who said something about the wedding at Cana. The story is not about the wedding “reception at Cana”. And there was assuredly much dancing and toasting at that wedding. So much that Mary asked her son to help with the wine.
No I do not think the levity in this wedding will contribute to a divorce. Divorse happens for hardness of heart. I saw no hardness there. Only joy.


I am sorry, but you are INCORRECT. Catholics believe matrimony is a sacrament, but protestants do not! You wishing protestants would believe it to be a sacrament does not make it so!! I did not see anyone disrespecting God at the processional! In fact, it could be argued they were praising the joyful occasion of marriage! Didn’t David even DANCE NAKED to praise God?!? :thumbsup:

It was fun, it was joyful, and I bet God laughed (especially at the guy walking on his hands!)

Yes, life is too short to take everything so seriously.

I did not see any lewdness either. I saw great dancing - fun dancing - dancing for joy. How many prophets of old danced before the Lord?


Thank you. :slight_smile: I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks God has a sense of humor.

When my husband and I were at our engaged encounter a few years ago, this priest gave us a picture of Jesus. This little old Franciscan priest passed out a picture of “Laughing Jesus,” to remind us all that Jesus smiles and Jesus laughs, and to always laugh in our marriage and yada yada… that stuck with me. We still have the picture of the laughing Jesus. :slight_smile:

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