"And so it begins..."


Hi all!

Long time, no post!

Quoth Theoden King of Rohan http://forum.catholic.com/images/smilies/ani/ani_bowdown.gif http://www.lordoftherings.net/images/ca_bhill.jpg from The Two Towers (the movie):

“And so it begins…”

No, I don’t mean war with Saruman’s orcs, I mean…

**PASSOVER CLEANING!!! http://forum.catholic.com/images/smilies/biggrin.gif **

See jewfaq.org/holidaya.htm & ou.org/chagim/pesach/pesachguide/maze/basic3.htm.

I cleaned our bedroom thoroughly (i.e. I moved our Queen-size bed, cleaned out the closets, etc.) this morning. No food may be brought into the bedroom between now & Passover. Luckily, since we are not making a Seder, the cleaning is much easier thereby. Next I’ll do the computer room/spare bedroom, then Da Boyz’ room . The kitchen & living room will be major operations in & of themselves.

“And so it begins…”


Be well!

ssv http://forum.catholic.com/images/smilies/ani/wave.gif

PS: So what have I missed 'round here?



:hmmm: Think I would the most difficulty cleaning the closets…I keep too many things…and if I can’t find a place for them…well, I store them in the closet :o :smiley:


I have to say, SSV, I read your post, looked around the room , and decided that, given the choice between :eek: fighting Saruman’s orcs, and :bigyikes: cleaning my house, that the orcs sound like they would be a :stuck_out_tongue: lot easier!!!

All the best to you & yours!!


Since were talking cleaning can I interupt with a cleaning one?? :smiley:

My friend want to take a course on organizaing but its FungShui way of organinzing your house and mind.

Im a bit cautious to go what say you guys??


Hi all!

A few quick lines before Shabbat (i.e, the Sabbath; see jewfaq.org/shabbat.htm) comes in in 15 minutes or so…

19 days before Passover, I’m getting rid of our leavened grain products (cakes, cookies, bread, crackers, pasta, beer, etc.) by the time-honored method of searing them with gastric acid…burp…'scuse me!

Be well!

ssv :wave:

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