And then I saw Kathy Ireland and a Priest on TV

Yeah, turned on Fox tonight and on Huckabee (yes, Mike Huckabee has a show) he featured a Priest and Kathy Ireland. Apparently, she is very traditional and a Christian. Ireland just released a book about being a Mom. Real Solutions for Busy Moms…

Weird, but interesting.

The priest was Fr. Jonathan Morris, of FOX.

I found it interesting that Huckabee quoted Pope Benedict XVI from
one of his homilies. It had to do with the secularization of the world today.

And then Huckaabee said “Now why couldn’t a Baptist have said something so profound”, not his exact words but something similar.

A convert in the making? Let’s hope so!

Thanks Dixie, I don’t often watch Huckabee, but looked a lot like EWTN tonight…:slight_smile:

I love Mike Huckabee’s show. He is close friends with one of the Catholic bishops of Arkansas and is a strong admirer of John Paul II. :slight_smile:

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