And yet they will publish all manner of garbage about Catholics and our Faith.... (Prophet Muhammad novel scrapped)

How do we fix this? How can we ensure that Catholic sensibilities are just as important as every other religious or cultural group?

We allow it. By not being good and Faithful Catholics - and I mean EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US. We allow it to happen to us.


Lately, when reading library books (novels) that state untruths about the Catholic faith I just add my own notation on the page in pencil.

I read one lately that had a character who was to say the rosary for penance after confession but couldn’t because he had no rosary beads!

In another a priest was being blackmailed because he had given absolution to a woman who had confessed to having an abortion.

It goes on and on. Sure, they often small errors, but what’s really bad is to read a review of one of these awful books and find the person saying they had “learned” so much about “their faith” from reading this book.

The best way to combat this is not to threaten mayhem for publishing the junk but to catch the errors and publicize them! We need a whole army to do this! We need people to alert us when they read new books containing errors and then we need to go to sites like Amazon where readers write reviews and just point out the truth.

Not allowing anything bad to be said about Islam just makes extreamists more violent and feel they are correct.

This is a world-wide systemic problem. Westerners are wilfully becoming dhimmis (like Jim Crow, but applied to non-muslims). Europe, Canada, and even the US have political forces trying to implement “anti-blasphemy laws.” Do not be fooled into thinking this will relieve Catholics from the attacks of leftists, nor of shameful mockery of our faith. It will only protect Islam, because the cowardly media and politicians do not fear Christians. They fear the Muslims who will behead them for saying things like “Mohammed was a poedo, murderer, rapist, false prophet, and Allah is his false god.”

It would be better for us just to preserve our freedom of speech, and let the trolls say what they like about our Church. And let us say what we like about the barbaric nonsense of Islam.

No, we (Christians in general) allow it by being Christians and not Muslims. Remember, the founder of our religion let Himself be crucified rather than become a Muhammad.

We don’t need to insist that our sensibilities are regarded as “important.” We need to be faithful to the Gospel, which will probably mean that people ignore our “sensibilities.” That’s OK. What matters is that they not ignore the Gospel. And frankly, people are a lot more likely to ignore the Gospel when they see Christians running around making protests on behalf of their “sensibilities.”


I think you may misunderstand my statement, or I wasn’t entirely clear.

If every single baptized Catholic lived their Faith truly, visibily, and faithfully, this would not happen. The country would not be in the situation it is in. We would not have legal abortion, divorice crisis, same sex marriages, condoms in schools…on and on. The country is in the condition it is precisely because Catholics do not live their Faith.

We (the Catholic Church) are attacked because evil will attack hardest at the the biggest threat - so some level of this will never go away. Being Christ’s Church on earth is asking for it to some degree. But the lack of even handedness such as in the example in the OP is due to how we live our lives and the fact that we allow this to happen to us.

Hopefully this adds clarity. I’m a bit rushed at work today and don’t have the time to spend on this response that I would like. :blush:


I see your point, but I still disagree. I think that the main reason Christianity doesn’t get the same “sensitive” treatment is that Christianity is historically the dominant religion of our culture. Secular folks don’t think of us as an oppressed minority–and frankly we still aren’t! At least not in the U.S. Maybe in Canada!


It’s just plain old garden variety political correctness, something that I suspect is a favorite playtoy of satan. I gets worse every day…

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