Andean Music

Many, many years ago I was introduced to Andean music by Paul Simon and Urubamba. Over the years, I have built a collection of Andean music which is every bit as happy as my own native Celtic music. I have seen Andean bands at various places across the US. Why is this wonderful music not more popular in the US?

Like this:

Hmm, sounds like a band I heard once on the street in Red Bank. I bought their CD, was pretty good.

There was a group that used to work the Buskers Festival circuit. I could spend hours listening to them, much to my family’s dismay – they wanted to see the unicyclist/jugglers.

I’ve loved the sound of Andean music since we first heard it played by street musicians in Bath, England, of all places. I especially love the sound of the zampona (pipes.)

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Another group, Sukay. I have several of their CDs as well

Inkuyo - several of theirs as well.

I’ve only run into the street musicians in San Antonio and Seattle - both times in the company of my bosses who were obviously not impressed.

BTW, this music makes for great housecleaning music. :smiley:

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